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Following appropriate health and safety practices in your workplace is of vital importance for the well-being of your staff. While the UK has achieved tremendous success in implementing procedures to reduce the volume of injuries in working environments, implementing procedures to cut illnesses has in some cases been overlooked.

Occupational illnesses can be dramatically reduced through new hygiene practices. At Unisan we have a wide range of cleaning and janitorial supplies that can help you keep your working environment as hygienic as possible. The focus of workplace hygiene is on prevention, rather than cure, so you can bring the risks in your environment under control.

The Bathroom

Making sure you have high quality soaps and disinfectants in the bathroom is essential to quell the spread of germs. The bathroom should provide a generous amount of antibacterial hand soap for staff to use, as well as disposable paper dispensers as opposed to multiuse towels that are used by everyone.

Encourage Personal Sanitizers

Even though there is soap in the bathroom, it is still good practice for employees to keep personal hygiene products at their desks for use throughout the day. While hand sanitizers themselves aren’t a substitute for washing, they do provide the wearer with an extra layer of protection against bacteria and illness. They work by removing the outer layer of contaminated oils from your skin and slowing the rate at which the bacteria can regrow.


Proper housekeeping involves ensuring the tidiness and cleanliness of your working environment. As well as sticking to a regular and thorough cleaning schedule, you should ensure all waste is stored in appropriate receptacles which should be emptied daily. Keeping a tidy and organised workplace can reduce accidents and injuries and improve the overall air quality and cleanliness of your working environment.


Air quality is one of the most significant causes of employee ill health. Natural ventilation (air moving through windows and doors) is often inadequate at properly allowing for the flow of clean air throughout a building, which is why many companies choose mechanical air conditioning machines for a helping hand. Ventilated air is clean and clear from contaminants and odours, which benefits overall employee health. Systems need to be monitored to ensure their condition and filtration systems should be checked regularly.

At Unisan we have all of the cleaning and janitorial products you need to ensure your working environment meets the most stringent hygiene requirements. All of our products can be purchased online for your complete convenience, so browse our competitively priced range and find everything you need today.

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