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It’s alright deciding that you want your business to do more in terms of recycling, however it is a very different story when it comes to actually getting your employees to recycle. The way you set up your recycling bins plays a vitally important role in how effectively they are used, so we at Unisan thought we’d provide you with a few tips to successfully set up recycling bins in your commercial property in order to see the improved rates of your recycling you are hoping for.

Tip One: Location, Location, Location

The locations you choose for your recycling bins will have a significant impact on how well they are used, so the following two location tips should help when setting up in your property;

• Position your recycling bins right next to areas where waste is produced. For instance, having a recycling bin next to a printer or photocopier provides employees with the perfect opportunity to recycle waste paper that has been printed or photocopied but is not required.

• Make sure you have a recycling bin next to a general waste bin so it takes no extra effort to throw waste that can be recycled into the appropriate bin.

Tip Two: Awareness

In order to see the best recycling results, you need to make your employees aware, so the following awareness tips should come in handy;

• Ensure all recycling points are labelled clearly so your employees know where the designated recycling bins are in the property.

• Make sure all recycling bins are labelled with what can and can’t be recycled to avoid any confusion amongst your members of staff.

• Raise awareness of the importance of recycling by introducing posters around the property and handing out flyers to your employees so that they fully understand and can see why the business is attempting to recycle more.

By following the tips outlined above, we are confident that, following the purchase of Unisan recycling bins, you will be well on the way to seeing the results you desire and effectively playing your part in protecting the environment by increasing your company’s rate of recycling.

Recycling laws in Wales have changed. Is your business compliant?