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In February this year Keep Britain Tidy called for simpler domestic recycling systems after finding that council schemes were often far too confusing for consumers. Many people find many different bags, boxes, caddies and colours are off-putting, complicated and confusing. In busy work or food environments, this problem is magnified by the vast number of people passing through and producing rubbish or litter. It’s imperative in large employers, restaurants, cafes or food courts then, to make recycling as easy and simple as possible so that every single person can and will use your system.

Create A Bespoke Recycling Station

Here at Unisan we create bespoke recycling stations to help our clients increase their recycling from their staff or from people passing through their facility. With a personalized system it’s easy to tailor each waste stream to meet your specific needs.

Brand Your Own Recycling Station

When we create something from scratch it means we can design it top to bottom with you in mind. Include your logo, your corporate identity or even your environmental and sustainability targets to really get the message across. We also find that including a list of the different recyclables is incredibly effective at ensuring people are better educated about their sorting.


Recycling for Cafe Cups and Drinks

Highly popular at the moment, with the rise of fancy coffee bars and cafés, are specific drink stations. These include a round apeture for coffee cups as well as a handy liquid channel. These allow you to dispose of liquids into a watertight container so that coffee dregs, ice or fizzy drinks don’t contaminate your recycling, or spill everywhere when being emptied creating a larger job for your cleaning operatives.


Longopac Solutions and Custom Finishes

The longopac bin system means that these stations will be efficient and effective, with minimal bag wasteage and easy emptying from the front, not the top. On the outside, we ensure our designs fit your facility. The stations come in a variety of finishes so just have a chat to us about your needs, and we’l recommend something that fits. Take a look below for some inspiration:


For more information on our bespoke recycling stations simply click here or give us a call on 0845 0700 624.

Recycling laws in Wales have changed. Is your business compliant?