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If you’re reading this, you’ve already established that you need an industrial shoe cleaner and/or boot cleaner, but you’re still undecided about which one to invest in. Like most things these days, you tend to get what you pay for and, in the main, the price can dictate the function, quality and longevity of a product. But, not always.

In this article, I’ll run through a comparison between the 2 main design/installation types, what you might want to look out for and things you need to consider before making your purchase choice. I’m no guru but I am aware of the pitfalls some buyers make before they’ve considered all the options.

Standalone vs Integral

Both have their plus points. Equally, they have their pitfalls. Below is an ‘at a glance’ high-level comparison to help you see which one may be better suited to your needs. This is my opinion and an unbiased, as possible, one at that.

Let’s look at the stand-alone solutions first. After researching the web for some time, prices seem to vary considerably. Without much probing, I could pick up a stand-alone solution for anything from £300 to £8,000. I found this a little disconcerting as at times there was just too much choice, but on the plus side, I could install a solution of some kind at low cost and have it delivered quickly.

Stand-Alone Industrial Shoe CleanersStand Alone Industrial Shoe Cleaner

Integral Industrial Shoe Cleaners

Whilst there are a plethora of stand-alone shoe cleaners on the market, there really is only one fully automatic integral solution. Relatively new to market (2007), compared with stand-alone solutions, it isn’t as well known. However, for those who are open to innovation and ways to continually improve, it’s driven exceptional results – hence the unbalanced pros and cons below.

Industrial Show Cleaners - Fully Automatic Solution

The solution comes under the name of ProfilGate® and is already trusted by major UK brands – see below. In terms of price, the average installation is comparable to the mid to high-end stand-alone price point.


UK Manufacturers who have placed their trust in ProfilGate

To conclude.

Before you make any purchase decision, do your research. Consider the following:

  • Why do you need an industrial shoe cleaning solution in the first place? What are your more pressing risks or pain points? As an example, if you need a solution to help reduce contamination ingress in the event of an evacuation or fire drill, a stand-alone solution may have a significant impact on productivity and be more easily avoided by staff. Do you have a risk of slip issue? If so, ensure you consider a solution that removes and retains dirt, debris and moisture.
  • What’s the footfall volume and frequency? If small, then a stand-alone solution would be perfectly feasible. If high, then there are some obvious restrictions that come with a solution that only allows you to clean one boot at a time.
  • Do you need a solution fit for Pedestrian, FLT, Trolley, Cart and/or AGV? If so, a stand-alone would not be of use. An integral solution can work for all 5.
  • What’s your budget? Both solutions are comparable in price, so it may be worth looking at the consequential cost benefits. The integral solution works 24/7, without power. Therefore, reducing your energy costs, cleaning costs and associated labour costs.

Unisan UK is the exclusive UK distributor of ProfilGate® and has been supporting UK businesses since 2007.


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