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It is becoming widely accepted that the levels of traditional cleaning required to maintain Health & Safety quality needs is unsustainable in today’s manufacturing.

Automotive manufacturing is under pressure from several fronts, increased production, automation, Industry 4.0/4IR and EV.  Demand for technical cleanliness and elimination of airborne dust renders traditional cleaning as costly, only effective whilst it is being done and regarded as “shutting the gate after the horse has bolted”.

The answer is to stop dirt coming in in the first place.

80% of contamination (dirt, debris and moisture) is carried in on tyre wheels and shoes.  Strategically placing matting that removes (and more importantly retains) dirt, debris and moisture throughout your building immediately removes the reliance on ineffective traditional cleaning.

With it comes consequential benefits such as reduced risk of slip – both pedestrian and forklift. 

Forklift and AGV tyre cleaning mat system

Some matting can also be retrofitted to accommodate automated guided vehicles (AGVs) allowing for next-generation growth without substantial re-investment.

The systems, such as ProfilGate, is proven to;

  • Improve technical cleanliness – removes 90% of contamination brought into facilities by foot, forklift or tyre.
  • Improve Health & Safety  (reduced risk of slip)
  • Reduce cleaning costs – ProfilGate cleans 24/7 mechanically
  • Reduce refurbishment costs – with 90% of dirt removed, resin floors stay scratch free and clean for longer.

ProfilGate – as used by:

ProfilGate _ Industrial Forklift wheel cleaning mat


At Unisan UK, we offer recycling & hygiene to ensure sustainability and continuous improvement. We know people want to do the right thing, so why make it hard. That’s why we provide game-changing solutions that help our customers to think differently about recycling & hygiene at work and ensure it is easy for them to make the right choice.


Recycling laws in Wales have changed. Is your business compliant?