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Innovative Office Waste and Recycling

We visited a client recently to see how they installed our Longopac Quick Bin continuous liner system. We were impressed at how they designed the installation of their waste and recycling station in an effective yet discreet manner.

The system was ingeniously fitted into a dividing wall – between the staff restaurant and the corridor directly behind. Within the staff restaurant, the waste and recycling station looked like any other station seen across many office installations, but this differed in the way the waste and recycling was serviced and collected by staff.

The Longopac Quick Bin system, which holds the continuous bin liner system, is disguised within the partition wall. Access to the bins is via a hidden cupboard within the corridor wall.

We loved this design as it allowed our client to offer their staff an effective food waste disposal system which not only removed the typical off putting nature of food waste but maintained the aesthetics of cleanliness.  And, whilst the Longopac Quick Bin continuous liner is reputed to be the strongest on the market, we added additional bespoke features such as drip-tray as specified by the client.

Bespoke Recycling Station with Longopac Quick Bin

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