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Workspace Recycling Redefined


We’re pleased to announce the launch of the Unisort Climate Recycling Station, our latest modular recycling station.

The Unisort Climate Recycling Station, made from 100% recycled post consumer plastic that is also 100% recyclable, offers businesses an efficient way to reduce their contaminated waste and carbon footprint, by making recycling easier and more engaging for their teams.

With colour coded waste stream apertures, along with clear signage & icons, the aim of the Unisort Climate Recycling Station is to remove the risk of contaminated waste, by making it super clear and intuitive to the user where the correct place to dispose of their waste is.


Climate Spec Sheet - Page 8


Even with the best intentions, understanding which recycling stream to use can sometimes be confusing, and often results in contaminated recycling, where the wrong waste items are mixed together. When recycling is contaminated like this by food or liquids or other waste, it usually then can’t be recycled at all increasing costs & carbon footprint.

Therefore, a major consideration for the design team at Unisort was the signage to accompany the Unisort Climate Recycling Stations. The aim was to make it clear and easy to the user, while retaining a design-led aesthetic. The result is a thoughtful use of iconography to identify the various waste streams at a glance. (Food Waste, Cups, Paper & Card, Plastics, Glass, etc). To offer maximum customisation options, there are 14 available waste streams, across 3 design styles. 


Climate Spec Sheet - Bank of 4 V2


The Unisort Climate Recycling Station is easily configurable to the needs of the workspace, with a handy connector to facilitate recycling stations instead of individual bins – this ensures all waste streams are available in one place at all times, making recycling easier and the right choice the path of least resistance. No more mismatched, randomly placed recycling bins. The Unisort Climate Recycling Station slots into your workspace like a considered piece of furniture with well designed finesse.

That’s not all, to further the drive of reducing plastic use and C02, the Unisort Climate Recycling Station has been designed to work with the Unisort Liner System. This bin liner system has an established reputation of reducing the plastic usage and CO2 attributed to waste bags by 80%.

Climate Spec Sheet - Liner 2 (With Arm)

And as expected from Unisort, the Unisort Climate Recycling Station is a durable, robust solution, made in the UK, with a 10 year warranty.

Ready to inspire better recycling behaviour and engagement levels in your workspace?


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