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A significant number of enquiries for solutions to the question above is driven from the following question.

“How do I gain control of contamination from dirt, dust and moisture at warehouse and loading bay entrance points?”

Your main entrance points (goods in) are your unknowns, deliveries from multiple suppliers carried on the back of multi-drop HGV’s poise risk of ingress from dirt, dust and moisture.  Each of these carry their own risk:

  • Dirt  – driven in at source, carried from forklift truck wheels (FLT) or foot throughout the whole production process gradually grinding into smaller particules.
  • Dust – the dirt that has now become airbourne causing unmeasureable opportunities for contamination.
  • Moisture – risk of slip.  Not only risk of slip by a member of your staff but that of a loaded forklift truck.

80% of contamination (dirt, debris or moisture) is carried in on tyre wheels and shoes.    

Unless you remove this contamination at source, where would it go?    Here’s how major food manufacturing brands have adopted continuous improvement with the use of a patented entrance mat system – ProfilGate.

Proactive contamination control at entrance points aids continuous flow

The introduction of a proactive approach to contamination control at entrance points clearly works for major brands across the globe.  


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