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Unisan UK was first approached by a major UK food manufacturer to offer a solution to remove debris from the treads of safety footwear of staff and visitors at its main pedestrian entrance, thus reducing risk of contamination spread into production areas.

To stop unnecessary ingress contamination, consultation focused on Profilgate® Go.

Summary of client’s primary objective*:

  1. Reduce / Remove debris being brought into facility on safety footwear at main entrance.
  2. Remove the risk of ingress contamination, which can then become airborne, filtering through to production areas.

The Solution:

A trial was agreed, placing Profilgate® Go at the main entrance point to the facility.

The Outcome:

Every week approximately 23kgs of debris was collected by the Profilgate® system. The dirt / debris captured by the patented matting was locked within the grates – thus preventing airborne contaminates filtering past the entrance point.

By default, this removed dirt and debris which would otherwise be carried into a food manufacturing environment and therefore had the potential to cause contamination of their product.

Added Value Outcomes:

Whilst the primary objective had been achieved, additional benefits were immediately observed.

1. Health & Safety – a reduction in slips and trips aided by cleaner shoe threads
2. Cost reduction – Less debris being trampled in and out of the factory greatly reduced the need for cleaning.
3. Brand Value – Retail customer to the facility gave a positive response to the proactive investment in Profilgate®.


At Unisan UK, we sell the concept of sustainability insurance. We know people want to do the right thing, so why make it hard. We make recycling and hygiene in the workplace easy and cost-effective.   


*The identity of the client is withheld for brand protection, yet the facts are real.