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England’s recycling legislation is changing, prepare now to ensure compliance in Spring 2025.

Here’s what you need to know…


What Is the New Legislation About?

The UK government has responded to the Recycling Consistency consultation by outlining some important requirements for business premises.  

These requirements focus on improving recycling efforts.

By 31st March 2025, all businesses and relevant non-domestic premises except micro-firms (businesses with fewer than 10 full-time equivalent-FTE-employees), will be required to arrange for the collection of dry recyclable waste streams, excluding plastic films.

It will become mandatory to also collect recyclable plastic films by 31st March 2027. 


What Waste Streams Are Included?

The new legislation requires specific waste streams:

  • Food Waste: Regardless of quantity all businesses will be obligated to manage food waste sustainably. 
  • Mixed Recycling: This can include a range of recyclable materials such as paper, cardboard, plastics, and metals.  
  • General Waste/Non-Recyclables: All other items that cannot be recycled in the above waste streams fall into this category. 


Simplify Mixed Recycling

Mixed Recycling can often be a source of confusion, leading to contaminated waste and decreased recycling efficiency. 

 To help with this issue and save time and labour costs in your business, we recommend a more specific approach to waste separation. 

Categorise your mixed recycling into distinct categories such as:

  • Paper/Card 
  • Plastics/Cans 
  • Food 
  • Glass 
  • Non-Recyclables 

This way, you can make the recycling processer easier and achieve greater accuracy in waste disposal. 


How Can You Prepare?

Our advice is to start preparing as early as possible. There are several proactive steps to ensure your business is ready for the upcoming changes:  

  • Train & Educate: Invest in employee training programmes to ensure everyone understands the new regulations and proper recycling practices. 
  • Upgrade Your Recycling Stations: Start integrating new recycling systems into your workplace that meet the upcoming legislation requirements. 
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Following the Newest Welsh Regulation

Numerous businesses are choosing to follow the recent Welsh regulations to maintain consistency across their sites in both England and Wales.  

Welsh regulations promote better behavioural change by encouraging appropriate recycling practices. The regulations focus on specific waste streams, which facilitate better waste separation at disposal points, ultimately decreasing contamination and enhancing recycling rates


The upcoming recycling legislation in England is a major step towards a more sustainable future. Businesses can comply with the regulations and contribute to environmental preservation by understanding the requirements, adopting best practices, and taking a proactive approach.


For advice, training, and recycling solutions, contact us today. We will help you introduce all new legislation to your workplace as smoothly as possible.

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Recycling laws in Wales have changed. Is your business compliant?