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Prevent unnecessary dirt

There’s an alternative to having your busy workfloor spoiled by dirt and debris from both vehicles and footwear. Profilgate is is primarily used in production, warehouse and workshop areas for 24/7 active cleaning without power.

Profilgate Go

  • Long-lasting galvanised grates
  • 24/7 cleaning without power
  • Optimum cleaning of coarse-profile shoes
  • Typically used in production, warehouse and workshops

Clean Factory

The perfect application areas of ProfilGate® in clean factories.

The idea of Clean Factory Interactive is to present common ProfilGate® applications for keeping facilities clean. By strategically placing the various ProfilGate® models, the risk of contamination is reduced to a minimum level.

Clean factory

“I would not hesitate to recommend the ProfileGate CleanTrax system to other companies.

Every week approximately 23kg of dirt is vacuumed out of the trays and this is dirt that would otherwise be carried into a food manufacturing environment.”

Regional HSE Manager - United Biscuits, McVities

Profilgate B & ST

  • Tire and roller cleaning perfected
  • Removes dirt, dust and contamination
  • Perfect for high loads in continuous operation
  • Typically used in production, assembly and warehouse areas

Profilgate Aqua

  • Active cleaning and disinfection
  • Significantly reduces the spread of germs
  • Doesn’t disturb the natural flow of personnel
  • Energy-less lock function