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Further to extensive market research with hundreds of clients, including coffee shops, international fast food chains, facilities and property management companies we have developed our Unisort Cup Collector Recycling bin. Our goal was to design an engaging solution which complimented the design of the area it is positioned in. Our Unisort Cup Collector had to have a smart, sleek design and we listened closely to our customers to discover what they required. A key requirement was to be able to clean the unit quickly and easily. Our liquids container is hidden away to keep unsightly liquids out of view. The container has a lid for transporting to prevent spillages. If the waste liquid container overflows, an extra 2L of liquid will be caught in the large sump area. This helps to minimise slips and dirty floors. The layout of waste apertures is very intuitive and provides a clear guide to the user on how to recycle their lids, liquids and cups. Firstly, insert your lid at the back of the unit. Secondly, pour away any liquids in the front. Finally, insert the cup on your left or right. (Works for both left and right-handed people!) Our goal as a company is to make recycling at work and on the go easier and more engaging through clear consistent signage and functionality. The Coffee Cup Recycling Bin is a lightweight unit. At only 11kg it is easy to move around, which reduces risk of back injury and H&S claims. The Coffee Cup Recycling Bin has a slide-in branding panel so it can be easily changed for different campaigns. Registered Design Number: 6203919

Cup Collector in Situ

Cup Capacity: 300*
Lid Capacity: 300
Liquid Capacity: 7L (5L bucket, plus 2L overflow sump, which can be easily cleaned. Transport lid included)
Weight of Unit: 11kg
Front Board: Slides out in seconds for various ad campaigns
Optional Backboard: 400mm (W) x 300mm (H) above worktop.

*Could be more or less depending on size of cups inserted

Lids: Bag holder for collecting lids
Hook: Situated on side of the Cup Collector to hold the worktop as you change the front panel or empty the liquids
Handle: Situated at the top of the front graphic so that it can be easily removed
Liquid Bucket: 5L capacity, which can be easily removed for emptying and cleaning
Cup Bags: The tubes can be lined with a recyclable bag, making emptying quick and hygienic – no hand contact with the waste. Bags are made from recyclable plastic and can be stored inside the unit for easy access

Our backboards have been designed with different locations in mind, the first is for most common applications, the orange is for public places, where standing out in a crowd is paramount. We have a more subdued design in the monochrome version to fit in with office decor and finally the photographic route with a more realistic design.
Backboard: 400mm (w) x 300mm (h) above worktop
Front panel: 400mm (w) x 795mm (h)
Tall back panel: 400mm (w) x 820mm (h)
Small back panel: 400mm (w) x 670mm (h)

Or make a statement with your graphics!

Insert your own slogan or messaging to demonstrate your brand cares about sustainability and recycling.
Match the front panel to a backboard of your choice to stand out in a crowd or make a statement in your office.

Our Cup Collector can be customised to match your brand and suit your interior design. We can create different shape and size backboards, such as a coffee cup for super clear and engaging messaging.*
Optional extras include a lockable worktop, which we would recommend for public places, or high footfall areas and wheels, for easy transportation in and out of coffee shops.

*Minimum order quantity applies for bespoke backboards

Feeling inspired?

Take a look at our Unisort Cup Collector Portfolio to browse more options

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