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Vallo Recycling Bin Enclousure 1800mm Additional Panel (Variable Angle Join)

Code: WB9237 Category:
  • Vallo Recycling Bin Enclousure 1800mm Additional Panel (Variable Angle Join)
  • Vallo Bin Enclousure offers a discrete look and feel to your recycling bin area
  • Modular enclosure fence (with or without door)
  • Vallo Bin Enclousure can be configured in multiple positions.
    a) Straight angles: 90º or 180º
    b) Variable angles: from 0º up to 135º
  • Available in two heights: see 1200mm Panel here
  • Available door (optional) which incorporates a wheel with brake for easy handling.
  • Door allows to close and lock the enclosure by padlock (not included padlock)
  • Vallo Recycling Bin Enclousure 1800mm Panel can be fixed to the ground with 4 M8 expanding bolts (included).
  • Guaranteed reliability: this product has satisfactorily exceeded functionality and endurance tests under real environmental and usage conditions.
  • Suitable to be used indoor and outdoor under normal weather conditions. In case of extreme weather conditions, such as high salinity, temperature or humidity, an additional special treatment can be included. Check extra cost and MOQ
  • Please Note: each part sold seperately
  • See additional panels here: 1800mm Panel, 1800mm Additional Panel (Straight or 90 Degree Join), 1800mm Door Panel

Technical Specification

Code: WB9237

Available in two heights:
a) 1200 mm
b) 1800 mm
Standard Panel Width: 1496mm
Door Panel Width: 1426mm
Materials: 1’5 and 10 mm galvanized steel and tubular steel of 60 x 60 x 2 mm
Includes a thermo-heating polyester powder coated finish


Code: WB9237 Category: