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CafeCrush Maxi Evo Reverse Vending Machine

From: £8,380.00


Demonstrate your business cares about sustainability with branded reverse vending machines

  • Engage your team with recycling in a simple and fun way
  • Reward your employees for recycling, with each bottle you can give a small donation to charity, cashback or another reward of your choice
  • Includes a full reporting system of how many cans and bottles you have collected
  • Internal crushing mechanism reduces waste volume of plastic bottles, cans & coffee cups by 90%
  • Reduces labour costs for bin emptying and cleaning
  • Three fully customisable graphics and printed on-brand messages that demonstrate your commitment to recycling
  • Tailored signage designs are available upon request for personalised branding or specific requirements

With Barcode system:

  • Unlocking of the door (waste flap) through either bottle’s barcode or end user’s QR Code.
  • Bottles barcodes can be added to the machine manually or virtually
  • Door (Waste Chute) lock during the compaction phase
  • Once the machine has finished its cycle and has detected either a bottle / Can has been compacted, you can choose to collect your reward either via a QR code or by ticket

Service Agreement:

  • 12 months cover
  • Includes 1 full annual on-site service
  • Includes cover for machine breakdown or errors due to a manufacturing fault, not misuse or neglect, and the cost of any parts & labour incurred by machine maintenance or repairs.
Technical Specification
  • Dimensions: 900mm x 650mm x 1830mm
  • Weight (without packaging): 180kg
  • Touchscreen Android Tablet
  • Screen Size: 15.6 inches
  • Waste Chute Included
  • Ticket Reward Printer Integrated
  • Customisable Printing Capabilities
  • Electric voltage: 220V single-phase
  • Power input: 0.60 kW
  • Operational Environmental Conditions Limits:
  • Ambient Temperature Range: 3°C – 32°C
  • Maximum Relative Humidity: 65%


  • Safety features include insertion hatch and door micro-switches, ensuring the grinding mechanism deactivates when necessary
  • Central feed duct with hatch facilitates material conveyance to rotating blades for efficient processing
  • Automatic sanitisation pump maintains cleanliness of the feed duct at regular intervals.
  • Electrical panel houses all connections, power board, and safety switch for power supply cut off
  • Compacting mechanism, comprising gear-motor and rotating blades, enables effective material compaction
  • Photocell sensor and reflector detect item passage through the grinding mechanism, ensuring smooth operation