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Novato Outdoor Recycling Bin

From: £597.00

  • Novato Outdoor Recycling Bin is Eco-friendly as 90% of it is made from recycled materials
  • High resistance to weather conditions: Recommended for public spaces like parks, gardens,
  • Does not require maintenance.
  • No injury risk through splintering.
  • Door protected by lock.
  • Can be installed alone or forming recycling stations.
  • Incorporates identification of waste to deposite: color, symbol and name of residue.
  • Inner ring bag holder with rubber band to keep the bag secured in place.
  • Emptying system with flip-up bag holder to easy emptying.
  • Waste deposit area on the front side.
  • Integrated roof that prevents entry of rainwater.
  • Feet that keep the base elevated.
  • Can be fixed to the ground with 4 M8 expanding bolts (included).
  • Recycled plastic boards made (25 mm thickness) from post-consumer plastic waste (Recyplast).
  • Guaranteed reliability: this product has satisfactorily exceeded functionality and endurance tests under real environmental and usage conditions.
  • Suitable to be used indoor and outdoor under normal weather conditions. In case of extreme weather conditions, such as high salinity, temperature or humidity, an additional special treatment can be included. Check extra cost and MOQ.
Technical Specification
  • Capacity: 90L
  • Dimensions: 385mm (W) x 480mm (D) x 995mm (H)
  • Materials: 90% made with recycled materials. Body made with recycled plastic boards (Recyplast). Inner ring bag holder and inner estructural joining parts made of galvanized steel.

Recycling laws in Wales have changed. Is your business compliant?