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Recycling Bin Labels 100 x 160mm Portrait, Multiple Waste Stream & Colour Options

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  • Self adhesive vinyl labels for recycling bins
  • Great for sticking on your recycling and waste containers to make it clear for your team where to put their waste/recycling. Clear signage can encourage better recycling rates, and discourage people putting waste in the wrong stream, causing contamination
  • Designed in the WRAP colours and symbols - The Wrap icons were designed to support the National Recycle Now campaign branding and provide a consistent look and feel across recycling communications all over the UK
  • Dimensions: 100 x 160mm Portrait
  • Select from our dropdown list of options for these labels for recycling bins, available in:
  • General Waste (Black), Non-Recyclables (Black), Waste to landfill or incineration (Black)
  • Mixed Recycling (Lime Green), Dry Mixed Recyclables (Lime Green)
  • Paper (Blue), Mixed Paper & Card (Blue), Cardboard (Blue)
  • Food Waste (Green), Kitchen Waste (Green)
  • Aluminium Cans (Grey), Food Tins & Drink Cans (Grey)
  • Plastics (Red), Plastic Bottles & Containers (Red)
  • Glass (Aqua), Mixed Glass Bottles & Jars (Aqua)
  • Batteries (Pink), Printer Cartridges (Pink), Electrical (Pink)
  • Textiles (Yellow)
  • Hazardous Materials (Bright Yellow)
  • Coffee Cups (Orange)
  • Liquids (Blue)
  • PPE Waste (Blue or Black)
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From: £1.80

From: £1.80
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