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Profilgate – as featured on BBC Inside The Factory – Biscuits (01.08.2017)

For all you biscuit lovers out there (and yes, I bet you are one) here’s a little light entertainment courtesy of BBC and it’s popular food documentary Inside The Factory.   

Gregg Wallace visits Europe’s largest biscuit factory, where they produce 80 million biscuits every day – right here in the UK.

Meanwhile, Cherry Healey is on the trail of that chocolate. At the refinery in Manchester, she learns that it is transported in heated lorries kept at 50C to stop it solidifying on its way to the factory.  She also discovers that this is the most expensive ingredient, at around £2,000 per tonne.  

BBC Inside The Factory - Biscuits

So, back to the point.   What we are particularly proud of is that fact that Profilgate, the patented industrial brush system for cleaning forklift wheels and pedestrian footwear, plays it’s part in making these bite sized chocolate delights.

Profilgate helps many food manufacturers inc. McVities, United Biscuits, Mondelez Cadbury Bournville, Danone, CocaCola, Unilever, Muller, ABInBev and KraftHeinz to name just a few.

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