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In a significant stride towards a greener and more sustainable future, the Welsh Government is set to implement new recycling reforms from 6th April 2024.

These regulations will have a profound impact on businesses, charities, and public sector organisations across Wales, mandating the proper sorting of waste for recycling. As a responsible provider of recycling and waste solutions, Unisort is here to guide you through the changes and ensure your seamless transition to the new recycling landscape.

The New Recycling Waste Stream Colours

To facilitate the sorting process, distinct colours have been suggested for each waste stream.

Here’s a quick guide to the designated colours:

  • Paper and Card: Blue
  • Plastic Cartons and Metal: Orange
  • Unsold Textiles: Yellow
  • Food Waste: Green
  • Glass: Turquoise
  • Unsold Small Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (sWEEE): Pink


Notable Distinctions

While the waste stream colours in Wales align with the general practice in the UK,  there is a difference.

Unlike the conventional red for Plastic, Cartons, and Metal, the designated colour in Wales is ‘Orange.’ However it is important to note, this is an advisory colour and not mandatory.

English Version With Red For Plastics & Cans


Welsh Version With Orange For Plastics & Cans



Preparing for the Changes

With the implementation date drawing near, it’s time for businesses to prepare for the changes. Ensure that you have the correct coloured bins in place to seamlessly integrate the new recycling system into your workplace. To assist you further, we recommend learning about the law changes on our dedicated page.

As the Welsh Government takes strides towards a more sustainable future, we encourage businesses to embrace these changes. Adhering to the new workplace recycling laws not only contributes to environmental preservation but also positions your organisation as responsible and an eco-conscious part of the community. At Unisort, we are committed to supporting you on this journey towards a greener Wales.

Need help preparing for the law changes? Drop us a line at [email protected]

Recycling laws in Wales have changed. Is your business compliant?