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Whether you opt for resin, non slip paint or the newly introduced floor renovation system (FRS), all come with significant investment.  In return for this investment, wouldn’t it be nice if your floor looked clean (and slip free) for as long as possible.

Common problems with resin (and painted) floors:

  1. Peeling floors
  2. Moisture build up
  3. Air bubbles beneath the Epoky
  4. Inconsistent colour
  5. Keeping it clean and scuff / tyre mark free
  6. Keeping it dry – to reduce risk of slip

Whilst the first 4 may relate to the initial installation, the last 2 relate to after care.

Stop working flat out trying to keep your floors clean, scuff free and slip free!

We speak to many businesses that want to vastly reduce the effort required to keep their floors clean and more importantly dry.  

One such customer volunteered that they spend 2-3 hours each shift just to keep on top of the problem.   Quote unquote:  They never ever get on top of it.    

See below examples of where ProfilGate, sometimes referred to as a forklift wheel cleaning mat, has been installed. 

Resin floors - how to keep clean and slip free


By installing ProfilGate, many businesses see the following consequential benefits:

  1. Reduced waste – removing the reliance of out-dated shoe covers
  2. Improved brand image
  3. Increased LEAN processes within their business
  4. Reduced risk of contamination – ideal for mass re-entry of staff such as fire evacuation 

ProfilGate is proven to;

  • Reduce refurbishment costs – with 90% of dirt removed, resin floors stay scratch free and clean for longer
  • Improve technical cleanliness – removes 90% of contamination brought into facilities by foot, forklift or tyre
  • Improve Health & Safety  (reduced risk of slip)
  • Reduce cleaning costs – ProfilGate cleans 24/7 mechanically

ProfilGate – as used by:

ProfilGate _ Industrial Forklift wheel cleaning mat


At Unisan UK, we offer recycling & hygiene to ensure sustainability and continuous improvement. We know people want to do the right thing, so why make it hard. That’s why we provide game-changing solutions that help our customers to think differently about recycling & hygiene at work and ensure it is easy for them to make the right choice.


Recycling laws in Wales have changed. Is your business compliant?