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Since the COVID-19 pandemic, hand sanitiser has become an essential product needed in many different buildings and organisations. Hand washing may be the most highly recommended way to reduce the spread of the infection, but it is not practical or feasible to have sinks everywhere, so thousands of people have turned to sanitiser for a quick and easy to use solution. Hand sanitiser works very well to kill bacteria and viruses on the skin, and getting a tested and certified brand gives you peace of mind as to this.

As a result, sanitiser dispensers are now widely being used in public places, and can be seen almost everywhere you go such as schools, retail shops, reception areas etc. With such heavy, regular use the area tends to get quite messy with drips all over the floor, particularly in areas with high foot traffic, such as shopping centres. Sanitiser gel can be quite slippery on a hard floor, which is obviously dangerous, and can stain carpet.

This can be easily solved by placing a wall mountable drip tray on the wall below your sanitiser dispenser, or fixing the drip tray to your sanitisation station, below the dispenser. We have 2 different sized drip trays available as a solution. White polyester powder-coated means they are easy to wipe clean, durable and robust. A perfect solution for where safety and hygiene are paramount, such as universities, academies, schools, supermarkets, council offices, hotels, hospitals, doctors surgeries, public reception areas and more. Keep your floors and worktops drip free, and help to prevent slippery floors and reduce clean up time by using a drip tray.

Sanitiser Dispenser Drip tray size options are: 130(w) x 98(d) x 15(h)mm or 130(w) x 150(d) x 50mm(h)

automatic hand sanitiser dispenser with drip tray

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