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Simply put, high levels of technical cleanliness eliminate the opportunity for costly defects & downtime to occur!  No matter if you unload from a dirty delivery truck or take dirt inside your facility via material handling devices – most receiving areas build up dirt, debris and dust from tires and wheels.  Critically the next set of transport vehicles takes the dirt further and deeper into your storage and production areas till it causes issues inside your facilities.  Automation does not stop dirt transfer – AGVs & AMRs (Automated Mobile Robots) will move & grind dirt to dust in the same way as forklifts and tugger trains do!

Many plants spent huge amounts of time, effort & money controlling the dirt, dust & debris throughout their facility.  However, despite their best efforts, dust still finds its way everywhere, including the end product.  Even the tiniest speck of dirt can have a lasting effect on your product and on your brand image.  Instead of dealing reactively with the dirt throughout your facility, why not stop it at the source.  80% of all dirt and dust within your facility comes in on the wheels of vehicles and footwear and is tracked through your facility and ground into airborne dust.

By using a system that cleans wheels and footwear at the point of entry into your facility, you will eliminate the need for continual cleaning within your facility, and the risk of product contamination and damaged brand image. Meet Profilgate! A patented solution for automatically preventing unnecessary dirt, debris, dust & wet entering on wheels & footwear

Technical cleanliness is a question of method

No matter if you unload from a dirty delivery truck or take dirt inside your facility via material handling devices, most receiving areas build up dirt, debris and dust from tires and wheels. The next set of transport vehicles take the dirt further and deeper into your storage and production areas, resulting in avoidable issues inside your facilities.

80% of all dirt in your facility enters from outside on wheels or footwear. Constant movement soon grinds this dirt into airborne dust, which settles in all parts of your facility. Through thousands of movements a day, this dirt is continually carried into the plant of forklift trucks, tugger trains & trolleys.

Although renown for relentless efficiency, AGVs unfortunately do not stop their wheels picking up dust! Guidance can be lost when floor guidance lines become compromised with dirty wheel lines. Automatically cleaning the wheels of an AGV with Profilgate eliminates dirt being ground into airborne dust.

More and more manufacturing organisations are adopting a Dirt Map – what is it and why do they have one?

A Dirt Map is a site plan of the key dirt landscape occurrence points within a facility, either brought into the facility from outside or generated as part of the production process. The first stage of the Dirt Map identifies critical points within the business that either already suffer from dirt related issues or have an identified risk of possible contamination, these include:

  • Product contamination resulting in reworks.
  • Customer complaints.
  • Risk of product contamination that would result in a recall.
  • Risk of slips resulting in near misses or an accident.
  • Reactive & excessive costly cleaning.
  • Unsightly and /or eroding floors.
  • Poor air quality due to excessive dust.

How does dirt travel throughout the facility?

  • On the soles of employee’s shoes – the main employee entrance!
  • On the wheels of vehicles such as HGV’s, forklift trucks, pallet trucks, AGV’s, etc. either entering the facility or moving within.
  • Initial dirt ingress may start as granular or moisture but constant movement grinds it into airborne dust.
  • On the wheels of trolleys – trolleys carrying production components are obvious but the trolleys that are most over looked are maintenance/service trolleys as they quite often travel from a contaminated environment.
  • The Dirt Map now allows an organisation to make informed decisions about how to manage dirt, dust & moisture – eliminating risks and improving their right-first-time yield.

ProfilGate factory entrance matting for cleaning and sanitising wheels and footwear, for food manufacturing profilgate footwear and wheel cleaning system

When is a mat not a mat?

A unique forklift truck wheel cleaning system was installed at Granta Processors.

To maintain hygienic conditions of a new epoxy resin floor at Granta Processors, Whittlesford’s premises – which imports seeds and pulses – an automatic wheels cleaning system was installed.

The ProfilGate system from Unisan was installed on the main warehouse entrance where forklift trucks are constantly entering from outside. It has proved successful in keeping the new resin floor clean and protected – in fact in the first seven days of operation 4.46KG of dirt were removed and contained within the collection trays, equivalent to 232KG a year.

“We have noticed that the floor stays a lot cleaner and is far easier to clean,” says Granta Processors’ director Geoffrey Marsh. “This will undoubtedly provide an excellent return on investment over the coming year”

The ProfilGate system controls the ingress of dirt, debris and moisture entering a facility and is proven to improve health and safety by reducing the probability fork lift truck and pedestrian slips, reduce particulate contamination/airborne dust and dramatically reduce the cost of cleaning.

Whether you are in the food or beverage, automotive, pharmaceutical & chemical, or electronics and engineering industry – you can benefit from the Profilgate system. Contact Unisan to find out more information on their forklift truck, trolley and pedestrian sole cleaning systems.

World class vehicles and world class facilities!

Automotive OEM’s all over the world adopt a continuous improvement process in order to achieve a world class manufacturing facility and technical cleanliness – but this has little to do with vanity or image, it’s all about improving the bottom line!

Perfection of quality finish should not come at the cost of avoidable reworks, lost work hours or even overtime for correctional work, machine/production downtime or the costly deployment of an army of cleaners!

This is where ProfilGate® comes in, which is a revelation to the companies we work with and known as a ‘secret weapon’ as we are able to massively reduce the opportunities for contaminants to enter a facility, reduce the number of reworks, scrappage, slips and continually raise their standards of technical cleanliness.

  • Toyota UK’s paint shop reduced their costly reworks due to dust contamination.
  • JLR needed significantly reduced the amount of dirt and water entering their facilities as part of their drive for world class manufacturing.
  • BMW Mini Oxford & Jaguar Castle Bromwich eliminate dirt being ground into airborne dust that caused machine downtime.
  • Rolls-Royce Motor Cars captured 30KG of dirt from just one FLT entrance helping achieve a manufacturing plant that befits their brand.

We know that in the automotive industry, technical cleanliness is not just an option, it’s absolutely vital and as the industry evolves to embrace new technologies (Industry 4.0/IR4 & EV), automatic contamination control systems will be a mandatory part of avoiding unnecessary contamination and improving profitability.

Call Clive today to discuss how Profilgate could benefit your organisation on 0330 700 6000

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