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Unisan take part in the battle against plastic pollution

In the week before Philip Hammond reveals plans for a plastic tax, Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) visit Ogmore-By-Sea and it’s stunning coastline

Each year our coastal communities brace themselves against the winter conditions that create a ‘Perfect Storm’ of plastic pollution on our beaches. The Surfers Against Sewage Autumn Beach Clean extends deep into this darker, colder time than any other beach clean project. When, in the absence of summer’s tourist spotlight, the health of our coastlines can slip from the nation’s mind. It brings those who use their beaches year round together.

This year, I joined a dedicated bunch of 60 local residents to, much like The Wombles, pick up rubbish that the everyday folk leave behind.

And you would be amazed at what we did find in just 2 hours;

  • Needles
  • Sparkler wrappers (thank you Guy Fawkes)
  • Socks and boxer shorts – yes, I know?
  • BubbleWrap
  • Straws
  • Lots of take-away / single use plastic 
  • Plastic bags
  • Dog poo bags (unsure if still full)
MASSIVE thanks to everyone who came out this morning! So great to see so many like-minded people doing their bit for our local environment with smiles on their faces! I’m looking at doing another beach clean over the winter so watch this space. ”  – this years organiser, Elliot


In total over 50 bags of waste.  It’s incredible to watch and take part in local communities that come together to help our beaches remain safe and beautiful.   I just wish those who travel to enjoy our coastlines cared as much.

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