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Have you ever asked yourself the question ‘How do I control contamination?‘   If you have, you are not alone.  Contamination, regardless of industry, is a big deal.   

Independent research found that over 10% of companies had suffered more than five recalls in the last five years. Of those companies, more than half estimated that the total cost to the business was more than £7.5million. And, should it result in the loss of a Retail Customer contract, it could mean game over.  Contamination Insurance is no real help for you if it comes to this.

What’s needed is contamination prevention

So, we quizzed Clive Matkin, Account Manager at Unisan UK why ProfilGate could be the perfect solution for common pain points relating to maintaining a contamination free factory.

First, so what is ProfilGate? 

Well, in its basic form it’s a mat.  A very innovative one that has been adopted by major UK and Global brands in their mission for world-class facilities.  Where it stops being a mat is its pre-tensioned brush strips positioned within a galvanized steel grate & stainless-steel collection.

The brush heads are angled along the brush strips which vibrate when movement passes over them causing a highly effective brushing action against the wheel or footwear surface. It cleans and captures dirt, tyre dust, foreign objects and moisture automatically, with no motors or electricity required. 

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#1. Will it clean work shoes?

Yes, the ProfilGate Go system is specifically designed to get right into work shoe tread and remove dirt and debris, even removes debris from anti-slip tread shoes. As 80% of all contamination is carried in on shoes it makes sense to capture it at the point of entry.

#2. Will it cope with high Forklift Truck movement?

Yes, the system is designed to cope with the high volume, we have an installation where the system manages 1200 movements per day! As a forklift wheel cleaning system, it is designed so the weight of the vehicle is carried on the grate leaving the brushes to move freely and last for approx. 1,000,000 passages (in one location it’s been known to last for over 3,000,000 passages in one year)!

#3. What about automated guided vehicles (AGV)?

ProfilGate can cope very well with continuous driving in the same lane, as it is typical for AGV vehicles (low wear).  I’d recommend the st-series which has been optimized for AGV and tugger trains.  For existing users of ProfilGate®, your system can be retrofitted easily with AGV guiding rails. 

#4. Will it sanitise soles and wheels?

The ProfilGate Aqua will first remove physical contamination and they apply sanitiser to the clean surface for 100% microbial sanitisation – there is no point in sanitizing the surface of dirt, it needs to be removed first!

#5. Does this impede productivity?

No, ProfilGate does not change human behavior, pedestrians on walkways or Forklift Trucks through high-speed doors move in exactly the same way oblivious that their soles or wheels are being cleaned. ProfilGate improved productivity by reducing traditional cleaning by 78%.

#6. Will it stop water entering my facility?

Water droplets are brushed off in the same way as dirt, therefore, eliminating the infamous dirty wet snake trails that extend inside a facility.

#7. Will it reduce contamination from dirt and dust?

In the vast majority of facilities dust is a result of vehicle movement – dirt that enters on the wheels of Forklift Trucks then gets ground by every subsequent movement until it becomes airborne dust! ProfilGate is proven to significantly reduce dust ensuring branded products remain clean. A major beverage brand now has zero customer complaints after installing ProfilGate within their facilities!

#8. How effective is it?

We have one customer collecting 23KG per week and another cleaning the wheels of 1200 Forklift Truck movements per day. As impressive as this. Its true effectiveness is when it eliminates product contamination stopping reworks, scrappage or even product recall; or improving the condition of floors to eliminate the risk of slips!


#9. Is this suitable for all industries?

ProfilGate is compliant and certified for FDA, ISO and VDA.

#10. And lastly, but isn’t it just a mat?

No, a mat is benign without any movement, ProfilGate automatically brushes off dirt but more importantly holds that dirt in a collection tray so it is not passed to the next sole or wheel.




Recycling laws in Wales have changed. Is your business compliant?