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World Cleanup Day 2018 – Practice What You Preach

The team at Unisan UK aren’t shy when it comes to practicing what they preach.   In fact, we’re regularly donning high vis jackets and litter picking around our nearest industrial estate or even attending Surfers Against Sewage run beach clean ups.

At the last beach clean up, earlier this month, Emma (our Marketing Manager) found a wide range of ocean bound or more worryingly ocean driven litter including;.


  • Needles
  • Socks and boxer shorts – yes, I know?
  • BubbleWrap
  • Plastic fishing wire
  • Straws and bottle caps  – the really tiny ones from kids drink bottles
  • Lots of take-away / single use plastic
  • Plastic bags
  • Baby wipes
  • Broken beer bottles
  • Cigarette ends and loose tobacco filters
  • Dog poop bags (still full)

All in the space of 1 hour.  At this specific event, over 100 local residents attended so even by my basic maths thats a minimum of 100 bags per hour.   That’s one beach….

World Cleanup Day 2018

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