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The definition of green credentials is ‘the qualities that show you believe it is important to protect the natural environment‘.  Aside from recycling, a topic we have written about many times, what can you do to improve your green credentials – at work, at home and as a business?

#1 – Power your office with alternative energy. 

Whether it be wind, solar or biomass renewable energy is growing its market share.  Quick fact:  Solar is a large reason the national grid went without coal power for 24 hours in April, the first time the UK had done without the dirty fuel for a day since the industrial revolution.

Renewable energy UK

#2 – Clean up with eco-friendly washroom solutions

With news that we will soon have more plastic in our oceans than fish, 2018 got off to a great start in the war against plastic with the ban on Plastic Microbeads in cosmetics and personal care products.     Make sure you comply and only use products that are both eco and ocean-friendly.   There are many alternatives to the plastic bead, such as cork, ground coffee, salt.

#3 – Switch to post-consumer waste

Whilst pre-consumer / post-industrial waste is generated in large quantities and in most cases re-used by the manufacturer,  the re-use of post-consumer waste is a little more tricky.    Post-consumer waste is the waste you place in your office recycling bins or recycling bins at home – therefore smaller quantities making it harder and less cost-effective to recycle.   However, there are ways you can support the production of post-consumer waste – use recycled office paper

#4 – Thrown out bad habits and go plastic free

Do you know how much energy is needed to produce just 1 of the plastic bags you lovingly place your recycled/mixed recycled waste into? 

Let’s say you only use 1 plastic bag per day (hhmm, unlikely I know), you would be helping to create 50kg of CO2 each year. Now, multiply that by the number of bags you really use and the figures start to add up.   Switch to compostable rubbish bags or solutions that help you maximise the amount of waste in each bagAnother fact for you – typically, we empty our bins when the bag is only 40-60% full

Green and Eco alternatives to plastic rubbish bags

Based on 253 working days in 2018, 125L bag weighing 66g each.

 #5 – Go Green Hosting

Did you know that your website could be 100% wind-powered?  Servers are energy hungry beasts and switching to wind power (and other renewable energy sources) would be a significant step forward in your business’s  green credentials.   Just type in ‘green hosting companies UK’ into your preferred search engine to see how many options you have. 

Keep waste to a minimum by improving your capacity to recycle.

Improving your recycling at work is a win:win situation.  But, how can you improve your recycling at work with business objectives in mind?  In this eBook, we’ll look at 5 Ways to help achieve the following.

  1. Improve cleanliness
  2. Make cleaning easier and more cost-effective
  3. Improve waste segregation
  4. Reduce waste collection costs
  5. Keep business operational, maintaining integrity
  6. Improve sustainability


5 ways to improve your recylcing at work
At Unisan UK, we offer recycling & hygiene solutions to ensure sustainability. We know people want to do the right thing, so why make it hard. That’s why we provide game-changing solutions that help our customers to think differently about recycling & hygiene at work and ensure it is easy for them to make the right choice.


Recycling laws in Wales have changed. Is your business compliant?