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As seen from studies, companies in the UK only use 35% of their bin liners, a tremendous waste and uncessary cost!

Bin liners are being changed every minute, every second in the UK. But how effectively?

Regardless of what facility you go to in our country, whether it be an office, retail, sports or manufacturing facility you see huge wastage of liners, splitting bin bags, double bagging, long journey times to the waste area and many more bin liner related issues.

Cast Study – Food Manufacturing Facility

Here below is a case study in a manufacturing facility to highlight how companies are just filling their liners with air!

The bin on the left is classed as full. In the normal circumstances the cleaner would come along and change the bag. However, look what happens next…

The effect is dramatic. This liner is now a 100% full as the air has been squeezed out reducing the bag usage by 7 times! What does this mean? The continuous liner of this bin as allowed the liner to be cut at a bespoke length minimising the wastage of the liner. It also means that the company is not filling their skip with bags that are full of air, hence a reduction in waste collection for the customer who uses Longopac QuickBin.

Stop wasting your liners, be more efficient, greener and leaner – it adds to the bottom line!

Contact me (Fletcher Dormer) for your free QuickBin trial today. Prove these benefits for yourself and add to your bottom line.

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Recycling laws in Wales have changed. Is your business compliant?