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In any workplace, health and safety should be taken very seriously and one aspect of this is what to do, should there be a spillage. Whether it be a spillage of oil, petrol, chemicals or any other liquid, it is vitally important that you act quickly to get the spill under control and maintain a high level of safety for everyone in the vicinity.

In this post, we at Unisan are going to explore the risks associated with not dealing with a spillage effectively before moving on to how we can help;

Risks Associated With Spillages

• Injury- The first risk associated with a spillage is injury, whether that be to you, one of your employees or someone who happens to be visiting your workplace at the time. It can be very easy for someone to slip on a spillage and cause themselves a very serious injury, which in turn could have severe consequences for your business.

• Environmental Impact- A spillage can also have a negative effect on the surrounding environment if it is not acted upon quickly. Oil or fuel that is allowed to run into nearby rivers or lakes can have an adverse effect on the wildlife and will have a lasting impression on the natural beauty of the area for a considerable time to come.

• Reputation- A company lives and dies by its reputation, and the negative press associated with the damaging results from a poorly acted upon spillage could seriously harm how your business is seen in the public eye.

What Unisan Can Do

The risks detailed above clearly state how important effective spill control is to a business, so you will be pleased to know that we at Unisan can help in the following ways;

• Expert consultancy and the completion of site surveys can help educate your members of staff and identify potential risk areas before a problem arises.

• The correct preventive measures can then be put in place to prevent spills before they occur, therefore limiting the risks detailed above.

• Our effective absorbent products can be located around your site so that in the event of a spillage, you can act quickly to get the spill under control, improve levels of health and safety and reduce costs that would otherwise have been associated with resolving the spillage.

With the help of our team here at Unisan…

You can be well on the way to implementing reliable, efficient and effective spill control within your commercial setting to reduce the possibility of the risks detailed above becoming apparent.

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