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Longopac water tight bin bag that doesn't need double bagging

If you’ve landed here, you have probably heard of some of the huge benefits of switching from standard bin liners to our Longopac continuous liners.
Reduce labour costs by 38%,
Reduce plastic usage by 70%
Reduce collection costs by 35%
Increase recycling rates by 58%
And… massively increase hygiene levels.

However you may still have some doubts, or questions! We have been asked before if liquid leaks out of the bottom of the bag (like so many standard bin liners), due to the nature of the bag being gathered by a cable tie at the bottom. Believe it or not, you can fill the bin liner with liquid and it will not leak out…
Check out our video here where we fill a standard Longopac liner with 2 litres of liquid, and even drop it twice to prove how watertight the system is – no bacteria dripping to the floor, and no need for double bagging!


how to tie a longopac bag for liquid waste

For extra peace of mind, this image shows 2 simple ways you can tie / secure the Longopac bin liners for extra protection from liquid leakage. However we have proved that just tightly securing a cable tie protects the bag from any leaking also.



You are probably used to double bagging your bin liners due to them splitting and tearing, and leaking liquid. There is NO NEED FOR DOUBLE BAGGING with the Longopac system. The way the liner material is constructed means they use 55% less plastic than standard bin liners, but are 4x stronger. This obviously causes a huge saving in plastic usage and reduces your carbon footprint. See the dart drop test video here which proves the superior strength of the bin liners.


Furthermore, the bin liner system is so hygienic, as there is no contact with the waste when you change the bin liner. See the video here where we explain this by painting colours to symbolise germs around the top of a bin liner. Usually when changing a bin liner, you would need to wear gloves to save getting bacteria all over your hands, from the top of the bin liner. With Longopac, as it is a continuous cassette, you pull the liner down which folds in the top of the liner that has been exposed, meaning all germs are enclosed inside the bag immediately – no need to wear gloves! For this reason the Longopac liner system is popular in many healthcare environments and organisations where hygiene levels are extremely stringent.

Interested in a trial, to prove the benefits of Longopac yourself? Contact us [email protected] or phone us 0330 700 6000