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Longopac continuous liner system

  • Reduce labour costs by 38%
  • Reduce plastic usage by 70%
  • Reduce collection costs by 35%
  • Increase recycling rates by 58%

Reduce labour costs by 38%

With Longopac, each liner takes just 20 seconds to change, and there’s up to 160m of continuous liner ready for immediate re-lining.

Because the Longopac liners are always 100% full, less time is spent transporting waste around site.

Also, the strength of the liner means there’s no wasted time double bagging or cleaning up from split liners.

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Reduce plastic usage by 70%

With Longopac, every bag is 100% full, so only the exact amount of liner needed is used.

Also, because the waste is compacted, there is less wasted space due to liners being full of air, meaning a further reduction in plastic.

The way the liner material is constructed means they use 55% less plastic than standard bin liners, but are 4x stronger.

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Reduce collection costs by 35%

With the Longopac system, there’s no wasted space in liners taken up by fresh air!  Not only is every liner 100% full, the waste is compacted when removed from the bin, so that all the air is pushed out.

This means that the waste takes up much less space in your external bins, therefore reducing the frequency of your collections.

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Increase recycling rates by 58%

The Longopac system makes recycling simple and achievable in any environment.  With colour-coded liners and options for free-standing signs or lid signage, you can clearly communicate what waste goes where – even in heavy-duty or strictly regulated industrial environments.

Translucent liners also make contamination easier to spot and increase accountability.

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How does does Longopac compare to a traditional bin system?

Watch the video to see a side-by-side comparison of Longopac and a traditional bin system, and see the saving Longopac can give you in your plastic usage, carbon footprint, time spent emptying bins, and overall cost.

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