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continuous liner bin bags vs standard waste and recycling bins

Longopac is a continuous bin bagging system that has been designed and developed for professional users who are looking for a more cost effective, efficient and sustainable waste bag solution for combined handling of both waste and packaging. In this day and age where organisations are looking at every way of reducing their carbon footprint, especially reducing plastic, Longopac could be the answer to help you on this journey. One of our clients saved 59 tonnes of plastic (249 tonnes of CO2) in 12 months, by switching from traditional bin liners to Longopac continuous liners. Contact us today to calculate how much savings you could make, and read on to find out how Longopac can reduce your carbon footprint!Longopac bin liner system is endlessly clever and continuously green
how the longopac continuous bagging system worksWe have created this video here to provide a helpful visual on how Longopac compares to standard black bin bags. Watch the video to see a side-by-side comparison of Longopac continuous bin bag and a traditional bin system, and see the savings Longopac can give you in your plastic usage, carbon footprint, time spent emptying bins, and overall cost on waste management.

In short, there are so many benefits for your organisation to switch to the Longopac continuous liner system.

  • Reduce labour costs by 38%

  • Reduce plastic usage by 70%

  • Reduce collection costs by 35%

  • Increase recycling rates by 58%

  • More Hygienic than other bin liner systems

  • 4 x Stronger than other bin liners

Contact us to see our comparison calculator, where you can input current annual data on traditional bin liners to see for yourself how the benefits truly stack up. It may seem like you are spending more buying a pack of the continuous liners, but not when you work out how many black sacks you would use instead of this liner.

The bagging system is perfectly designed for recycling (including segregation), general waste and food. 3 Sizes are available: Mini, Midi and Maxi. The 3-ply polythene bin bags are designed for all waste purposes, to give maximum strength and low material consumption. Colour options make it easier to identify waste streams, biodegradable, compost certified and leak proof. Available in 6 colours, 2 strengths.
The Longopac® cassette systems are sealed from the outside ensuring no direct contact with any waste and are 100% hygienic. These professional Longopac® bins are designed for simple use and easy cleaning. Variable bag sizes always ensure bags will be 100% full.

Lets break down our claims in a transparent, unbiased way and find out the real truth about Longopac continuous bin bags vs traditional bin bags…

Claim #1: Reduce labour costs by 38%

With Longopac, each liner takes just 20 seconds to change, and there’s up to 160 metres of continuous liner fast bin bag change with Longopacready for immediate re-lining. Think of how much time this will save your bin changing personnel.
Because the Longopac liners are always 100% full, less time is spent transporting waste around site. Also, the strength of the liner means there’s no wasted time double bagging or cleaning up from split liners.

Our case study shows how Centrica British Gas implemented Longopac in their office recycling stations. This reduced their labour costs by 38%, by saving their cleaning team 3 hours per shift!

“Since the installation of the new bin stations at the Centrica office in Cardiff we have received no further complaints around the bins overflowing.  Customer experience survey feedback comments upon how much cleaner and more appealing the bin stations now look.  Overall the impact has been very positive across both Cardiff sites.”

Jo, Facilities Manager


Claim #2: Reduce plastic usage by 70%

excess single use plastic with bin linersexcess plastic usage with large bin liners

With Longopac, every bag is 100% full, so only the exact amount of liner needed is used. Also, because the waste is compacted, there is less wasted space due to liners being full of air, meaning a further reduction in plastic. What do we mean by always 100% full? Well, Normal bin liners seem like they are overflowing so you go to change the liner, or sometimes they are just getting so smelly you want to change it before it is even full. With Longopac, you can refresh the liner as often as you want, without wasting liner/plastic/money. By pushing the waste down with your hands, the waste is totally compact, so the liner is completely full, and once the cable ties are on, you’re ready to go.
reduce plastic usage with Longopac continuous bin liner system

The way our Longopac liner material is constructed means they use 55% less plastic than standard bin liners, but are 4x stronger.

You could be overlooking one of the biggest wasted costs in your facility! SKF Bearings implemented Longopac in their manufacturing facility. This led to a reduction in plastic bag usage which resulted in a £400 annual saving on bin liners alone.

“I would just like to say thank you for the service you have given SKF introducing the new bin system, they have been running for 5 weeks now and I am already well impressed.”

Laurence, Facilities coordinator

Claim #3 Reduce collection costs by 35%

With the Longopac system, there’s no wasted space in liners taken up by fresh air!  Not only is every liner 100% full, the waste is compacted when removed from the bin, so that all the air is pushed out.

This means that the waste takes up much less space in your external bins, therefore reducing the frequency of your collections.

One of our customers, Rochialle, chemical & pharmaceutical manufacturer to the healthcare industry, installed the Longopac continuous liner system across their South Wales production facility.  This radically changed their waste management process, making it much easier to manage, whilst saving time and money and also improving hygiene standards.

“Both cleanroom and theatre room supervisors have agreed that the Longopac system is operating at 4 times the capacity of a standard bag. We can, therefore, reduce change time and waste transmission time to a quarter of its current level for the theatre room alone.”

Daniel, Production Manager
Longopac continuous bin bag and traditional bin bag comparison

Claim #5 Super hygienic

The Longopac® cassette systems are sealed from the outside ensuring no direct contact with any waste and are 100% hygienic. These professional Longopac® bins are designed for simple use and easy cleaning. Variable bag sizes always ensure bags will be 100% full. The Longopac continuous liner bags do not tear or split like many other bags, and is sealed from the hygienic bin systemoutside ensuring waste is properly contained so you have no direct contact with it, for an easy, hygienic bag change.

We often get asked if liquid would leak out of the bottom, due to the nature of the bag being gathered by a cable tie at the bottom. Believe it or not, you can fill the bin liner with liquid and it will not leak out… click here to watch our youtube video where we fill a standard longopac liner with 2 litres of liquid, and even drop it twice to prove how watertight the system is – no bacteria dripping to the floor, and no need for double bagging!

Our Longopac continuous liner bins are even used in hundreds of hospitals! They are particularly good for any area where hygiene is crucial, like hospitality care, hospitals, clinics, cafes and restaurants, food manufacturing facilities and more.

Claim #6 4 x stronger than other bin liners

When it comes to putting things to the test, actions always speak louder than words. So, we put Longopac to the Dart Drop test and compared it with a standard black bin liner.

40-micrometre traditional waste bag v 18-micrometre Longopac Mini standard bin liner

When testing the strength of Longopac, we choose the most common scientific test method – Dart Drop ASTM D-1709

Comparing 2 liners:

  1. 40 micrometer traditional waste bag with a 150g weight
  2. 18 micrometer Longopac Mini Standard with a 560g weight

We guarantee the strength measured in this Dart Drop for 2 years.

The dart drop clearly demonstrates a clear difference between ‘thickness’ and ‘strength’.    Thicker does not equal stronger.

As you can see from the dart drop test, Longopac Standard is more than 50% thinner than your traditional bag liner, yet 4 times stronger.

The reason why a thinner bag (Longopac) is stronger than a much thicker standard bin liner is all in the construction.   A standard bin bag is not typically made of virgin material.  Longopac is.  In fact, Longopac is made from 3-ply virgin polyethene, making it extremely strong.

As your standard bin liner is made from recycled polyethene its strands are weaker.  The more it’s recycled the weaker it becomes hence the need to make these liners thicker.   No matter how strong your standard bin liner is, it can never measure up to the quality of virgin 3-ply.

Longopac liners are available in wide range of strengths, liners and colours.

Claim #7 Longopac will reduce your CO2 footprint

Now you have read this blog, the claim that our Longopac bin liners will reduce your carbon footprint is probably fairly obvious. The fact that the Longopac liners are made with 50% less plastic than other bin liners is the first CO2 saving. Secondly, as you can add cable ties wherever you like, you only use the exact amount of liner you need, so there is absolutely no plastic wastage,  Longopac can help you reach your organisations sustainability goals, as it is proven to reduce your CO2 waste bag footprint by up to 70%. Say goodbye to double bagging, plastic waste and carbon footprint thirsty liners, say hello to Longopac.

Calculate your CO2 savings with our calculator  – With this calculator you can calculate your savings by converting from a traditional waste bag to Longopac.

longopac continuous bin bags case study

To conclude, we hope this gives you a fair view on how the endlessly clever Longopac continuous bagging system compares to a standard bin bag system. We’ll let you into a secret… we think you could benefit from changing Longopac! Don’t like the appearance of it? We make tailor made / bespoke recycling stations to suit your companies personal needs, and Longopac liners can be tidily hidden behind these cabinets. We have suitable Longopac solutions available for many environments, including food and beverage manufacturing, warehouse and distribution centres, processing facilities and packing benches, corporate offices and canteens, and more!

Have questions on the Longopac continuous liner system? Contact us here

don't waste plastic with bin liners choose longopac youve banned plastic straws cups and bags but what about bin liners

longopac continuous bin liners are thinner but stronger to reduce plastic usage

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