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So how many ‘standard bin bags’ do you get out of a Longopac continuous liner? Much like, how long is a piece of string, it depends!

The number of ‘bags’ you get out of a Longopac continuous liner depends on how much waste is in each bag load and the length you use each time will vary. Some customers assume that 60m is equal to 60 standard bags however this is incorrect as 1m of our Mini continuous liner will hold 3 – 4 times as much waste as a standard 1m bag. So you could say it is equal to 200-240 standard bags but it does depend on the type of waste and the amount of liner you use per bag load.

Every bag load you remove from the Mini continuous liner is 100% full and you don’t waste any plastic. The amount of plastic and carbon footprint that can be saved usually far outweighs the cost of the liners. click here to easily calculate your potential plastic and carbon footprint savings.

When comparing costs it is important to remember to cost of time and labour and how much you can save when using the Mini continuous liners. We have clients saving hours per day using this system which has a direct impact on productivity which in turn drives profitability. Look at the whole cost in use situation not just the cost of plastic bags.

To break the question down further…

It depends on the size of the bags.

As you may know, Longopac comes in three sizes/lengths (110m, 85m and 60m) and a standard black bin liner is typically 1m. So, a very simple answer is 110.

However, Longopac is far from standard. Many clients and loyal users of the Longopac system can get 4 or even up to 7 typical bin loads out of a 1m section of the Longopac liner.

It also depends on what bin you put the bag in.

A bin bag (or liner) is only ever as large as the environment it sits in.

For example, you have a 75L capacity bin and your bin bags (liners) are 125L, at best the bag can only contain 60% of its potential volume.

The Longopac liner is a continuous tube – it has no boundaries apart from the base plate of the bin and therefore will always be 100% full.

longopac continuous liner and standard bin liner comparison

So, as a comparison, let’s look at how the three sizes of Longopac bins compare with a standard 75L bin (using a 125L liner).

longopac bin liner capacity

And, if that’s not enough, it also depends on what you put in the bag.

Light yet bulky waste such as paper, bubble wrap, tissue etc takes up a lot of space and will quickly give the impression the bin is full. However, we are aware that, on average, a standard bag is only 60% full before it is emptied. It’s only 60% full, as the remaining 40% is air – trapped between the individual waste items.

With Longopac, there are no air pockets as the bag is compacted tightly before being emptied and re-lined.

LongoPac continuous liner bin bags

For less easily compacted waste items, it’s hard for me to estimate how many standard bags would fit into a Longopac liner. That said, working on an average of 4 to 7 bags per typical 1m length, across a customer database in the 100’s, we’re confident the figure would be a positive one. Please note: Longopac liners, with the exception of the black liner, are either transparent or translucent so you will be able to see the waste inside. This allows the user to identify any potential risk items held within, i.e. sharp objects, before compaction.

So, how many bags do you get out of a Longopac liner?

It really does depend on so many factors that it is near on impossible to provide an exact number. At the very most, it could be 770, at the very least it could be 1. Yet, that 1 bag would be 110m long and contain 22,000L of waste.

To find out more about the Longopac continuous liner system, including how it can help you reduce your plastic and carbon footprint, save time and increase hygiene, download the brochure here or take a look at case studies here.

Watch this video to find out how longopac looks when in use…

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