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When it comes to putting things to the test, actions always speak louder than words.    So, we put Longopac to the Dart Drop test and compared it with a standard black bin liner.


 40-micrometre traditional waste bag v 18-micrometre Longopac Mini standard bin liner

When testing the strength of Longopac, we choose the most common scientific test method – Dart Drop ASTM D-1709

Comparing 2 liners:

  1. 40 micrometer traditional waste bag with a 150g weight
  2. 18 micrometer Longopac Mini Standard with a 560g weight  

We guarantee the strength measured in this Dart Drop for 2 years. 

The dart drop clearly demonstrates a clear difference between ‘thickness’ and ‘strength’.    Thicker does not equal stronger.

As you can see from the dart drop test, Longopac Standard is more than 50% thinner than your traditional bag liner, yet 4 times stronger.

The reason why a thinner bag (Longopac) is stronger than a much thicker standard bin liner is all in the construction.   A standard bin bag is not typically made of virgin material.  Longopac is.  In fact, Longopac is made from 3-ply virgin polyethene, making it extremely strong.reduce carbon footprint

As your standard bin liner is made from recycled polyethene its strands are weaker.  The more it’s recycled the weaker it becomes hence the need to make these liners thicker.   No matter how strong your standard bin liner is, it can never measure up to the quality of virgin 3-ply.

Longopac liners are available in wide range of strengths, liners and colours.  Longopac is also proven to reduce your CO2 waste bag footprint by up to 70%,

Product Name Strength Liner Length Colour Range Biodegradable
Longopac Mini Standard 60m Transparent, green, red, blue, black, yellow
Longopac Mini  Strong 45m  Transparent, green, red, blue, black, yellow  Yes (40m)
Longopac Midi  Standard 85m  Transparent, green, red, blue, black, yellow
Longopac Midi  Strong 70m  Transparent, green, red, blue, black, yellow
Longopac Maxi  Standard 110m  Transparent, green, red, blue, black, yellow
Longopac Maxi  Strong 90m  Transparent, green, red, blue, black, yellow

Say goodbye to double bagging, plastic waste and carbon footprint thirsty liners, say hello Longopac.

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