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As a business, you can reduce your CO2 footprint and demonstrate your environmental commitment by increasing workplace recycling and finding ways to create engagement and drive behavioural change.



As the UK government reinforces businesses to reduce landfill waste by setting new laws, like the recent Welsh Workplace Recycling Regulations, and increasing Landfill Tax, the imperative for effective workplace recycling programmes and training in offices has never been clearer.

So, what recycling methods have you implemented in your workplace?

Keep reading for office recycling tips and solutions.


Office Recycling: The Need For Action


To start with, businesses generate the largest amount of waste, which is a massive factor in the environmental challenges we face. According to 2020 Government’s data, approximately 45 million tonnes of commercial and industrial (C&I) waste are produced every year, so it is time to take action.

Even if businesses don’t want to consider the environmental damage, they have to consider the high taxes associated with waste disposal.

As time goes by, the cost of sending waste to landfill continues to rise, with landfill taxes increasing alongside government targets.

And new recycling regulations have come into place to eliminate commercial waste sent to landfills.


How to improve office sustainability


Engaging employees and fostering sustainability is crucial for successful office recycling initiatives.

Here’s how to revolutionise your recycling efforts:

  • Conduct a Waste Audit: First, it is important to understand your office’s waste profile. This can be achieved through a waste audit, which helps identify the types and volumes of waste generated. Once you have this information, targeted strategies can be developed to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste effectively.
  • Training Sessions: Increase engagement with recycling training sessions dedicated to your office.By participating in our training sessions, companies can expect to experience the following benefits: increase their employee engagement, achieve cost savings, minimise their environmental impact and carbon footprint, and demonstrate a positive brand image and elevation.
  • Introduce Recycling Stations: Recycling often isn’t placed as a top priority during rush hours, stressful meetings, or busy phone lines. But, by making the office recycling process as accessible and visible to distinguish as possible, it can become a simple and engaging process that doesn’t require much thought or effort.That’s why all our office recycling stations target hassle-free recycling by making it as easy as possible. Remember, as human beings we always take the path of least resistance – we have to make sure that path leads to correct recycling.Ideal for office recycling is the Unisort Climate Recycling Station. Its colour-coded waste streams, clear signage options, and different-shaped apertures make the recycling process seamless.



  • Branded Reusables: Introduce reusable water bottles and cups to eliminate single-use plastics and paper cups.Encourage the use of durable alternatives to reduce waste generation. Also, that’s a great way to promote your brand!
  • Support Charity Initiatives: Partner with charities to repurpose unwanted items such as ink cartridges, IT equipment, office supplies, etc.This not only diverts waste from landfills, but it also supports worthy causes and builds your brand’s reputation.
  • Guides & Brochures: Download our complimentary guides and brochures to help you better understand recycling and find solutions tailored to your industry. Remember to share them with your staff to engage them and encourage them to take action.


Extra Tips


  • Prioritise reducing and reusing over recycling to cut costs and environmental impact.
  • Ensure easy access to recycling bins throughout the office but remove all ‘under the desk bins’ to avoid recyclables ending up in general waste.
  • Opt for digital storage to minimise paper usage.
  • Procure recycled office supplies and products to close the recycling loop, support sustainable manufacturers, and contribute to the demand for recycled materials.


In conclusion, office recycling is much more than just managing waste. It’s about a broader understanding and awareness of the concept of sustainability and the positive impact that recycling can have on our planet and reducing your business carbon footprint.

Every business can take responsibility and implement effective strategies starting today. These strategies will reduce your ecological footprint, prove your environmental commitment, and save on resources.

The first yet most crucial step is implementing innovative recycling stations in your workplace. Start today!

Contact us for further advice and help with getting started.




Recycling laws in Wales have changed. Is your business compliant?