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Simple solutions on how to improve hygiene control in your business to help prevent COVID-19…

Did you know, sick staff cost British firms £77 Billion annually in lost productivity? Most employers will be aware of the fact that the less sick days taken by employees, the greater the productivity of their employees and business. A clean working environment can improve an employees’ state of mind and overall working satisfaction. With all those hours spent daily in the office, it becomes essential for your businessplace to be clean and hygienic at all times.

With the latest health crisis covid-19, we believe this absolutely accentuates the fact businesses, manufacturing facilities and all organisations need a higher standard of hygiene, and a proper sanitization routine when everyone is back to work. Scientists say covid-19 will never disappear completely, so this points up the fact we all need to change our habits, and introduce new cleaning methods. This will ensure minimal spread of the dangerous virus, and help prevent the spread of other bacteria and viruses.

Did you know that some of the dirtiest places within the workplace are:

  • 75% of break room sink tap
  • 27% of keyboards
  • 48% of microwave door handles
  • 26% of refrigerator door handles
  • 23% of water fountain buttons
  • 21% of vending machine buttons

Other germ laden spots include: Elevator buttons, kettle handle, coffee mugs and pens!

Our tips for a hygienic and safe return to work, to protect your people.

increase your cleaning regime Increase your cleaning regime

  • Clean and disinfect surfaces between different tasks, especially in staff kitchen / eating areas and bathrooms.
  • Clean as you go. If you spill some food, clear it up straight away and clean the surface thoroughly.
  • Use cleaning and disinfection products that are suitable for the job and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Disinfection products should meet the BS EN standards. Check product labels for either of these codes: BS EN 1276 or BS EN 13697.
  • Use a cleaning schedule to make sure that surfaces and equipment are cleaned when they need to be. It can also help to stop cleaning products being wasted or used incorrectly

Ensure your cleaning schedule is relevant. Work out what needs cleaning or disinfecting every day, or more than once a day, and what needs cleaning less frequently. Your schedule should show:

  • what needs to be cleanedall purpose surface sanitiser
  • what needs to be disinfected
  • how often it needs to be done
  • how the cleaning/disinfecting should be done

If you do not have an onsite cleaner or cleaning team, or if your cleaners only come once a week, consider getting your staff involved. Create a rotor every morning, where a staff member cleans something different every time. The more people doing it, the less time it will take!

It is a good idea to include cleaning instructions showing:

  • cleaning procedures
  • what cleaning products should be used
  • how the products should be used, including how much they should be diluted and how long they should be left in contact with the surface, following the manufacturer’s instructions
  • how the products should be stored – in a special place, not in food areas
  • Consider hand and surface sanitiser stations placed strategically around your workplace, for easy access to paper towels and sanitiser sprays, hand sanitiser and hygienic waste disposal.

surface sanitisation Surface sanitisation plan

Ensure this is included in your new cleaning routine, so that all soft and hard surfaces are sanitised thoroughly on a daily basis. A portable santiser canister with a spray gun which creates a fog is an excellent method and ensures you do not miss any hard to get to places. We have a good range of surface sanitiser products here.

hand sanitiser stations at workplaceHand sanitisation strategy

Make it accessible and easy for people to use, at any entrance to the building, and outside bathrooms. A hand sanitiser station with signage is a good reminder to your staff.  Consider foot pedal operated sanitiser dispensers for ultimate hygiene.stop and sanitise hands station

social distancing strategy for the workplaceHave a social distancing strategy

Effectively ‘zone’ areas with screening, so employees can work whilst meeting the distancing rules. Remember to include segregation measures in corridors, washrooms, offices, stairwells, production lines, restaurants / canteen. Ensure staff are educated and held responsible to enforce the social distancing. Consider ways to spread out the people flow from area to area, with additional doors available and a turnstile entrance and exit system. Our range of social distancing screens provide something for every budget and requirement! Or consider our social distancing floor mats, which can be easily relocated when needed.
prevent the spread of coronavirus floor graphic sign

hygienic contactless waste disposalHygienic, contactless waste disposal & bin emptying

Do not let waste bins build up, particularly food waste. Have a plan on how regularly they need to be emptied, and who needs to achieve this. Have you seen our range of hygenic bins, including foot pedal operated ‘contactless’ options?
This video provides a great visual on how the Longopac system is so hygienic. In short, the bags are super strong and will not split or tear (no more double bagging), completely watertight, so no bacteria drips to the floor. Most importantly, you have no contact with the waste when you change the bin liner, unlike normal bin liner systems!

clear social distancing and covid-19 safety signageClear signage

It is important to put clear signage around the workplace, to clearly communicate the new social distancing measures, and provide helpful guidance for your employees, like reminding them to sanitise regularly.prevent the spread of coronavirus floor graphic sign

keeping the floors sanitised and sterile Keep the floors clean

Keep the floors clean! Often people focus on hand sanitiser and face masks and forget that floors and shoes have a role in allowing the spread of viruses and bacteria.  Include sanitisation matting at every entrance to the building, like our ProfilGate Aqua system.
profilgate hygienic shoe cleaner

At Unisan we have a range of products to helps reduce the transfer of germs, prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses within your workplace to ensure minimal illness related downtime within your business.

Click here to browse our ‘back to work safely and hygienically‘ PDF catalogue.

hand and surface sanitiser rangesanitiser stationstouch free hand towel dispenser system centrefeed paper towels and dispensers hygienic bin range

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