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Our Longopac continuous liner system has many benefits, and one of the key benefits is that it is a 100% hygienic choice of bin, a great option for your organisation now we have all had a nasty wake up call as to santization, from the novel covid-19. These bins are particularly good for any area where hygiene is crucial, like hospitality care, hospitals, clinics, cafes and restaurants, food manufacturing plants and more.

The longopac continuous liner bags do not tear or split like many other bags, and is sealed from the outside ensuring waste is properly contained so you have no direct contact with it, for an easy, hygienic bag change. Because of the strength of the liner means there’s no wasted time double bagging or cleaning up from split liners. The way the liner material is constructed means they use 55% less plastic than standard bin liners, but are 4x stronger.

We often get asked if liquid would leak out of the bottom, due to the nature of the bag being gathered by a cable tie at the bottom. Believe it or not, you can fill the bin liner with liquid and it will not leak out… click here to watch our youtube video where we fill a standard longopac liner with 2 litres of liquid, and even drop it twice to prove how watertight the system is – no bacteria dripping to the floor!


Also we have a lidded bin with a touch free pedal, especially ideal for those in cafes, restaurants, food industry.

If you don’t like the appearance of the bin, consider placing them in existing cabinets, or contact us to design your own cabinet to suit your interiors. Click here to see our inspiration page for solutions including longopac we have provided to other clients.




Did you know, with the Longopac continuous liner system you can:
Reduce labour costs by 38%
Reduce plastic usage by 70%
Reduce collection costs by 35%
Increase recycling rates by 58%

For more information call us on 0330 700 6000 or order online here.