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CafeCrush Reverse Vending

Show your company’s commitment to recycling.

Engage employees and the general public in recycling.

Make doing the right thing both easy and fun.

Incentivise positive recycling behaviour at work.

Incentive good recycling habits

Reward staff for recycling with a ticket incentive scheme, offering whatever reward you choose.  Our receipts can be programmed to give a range of rewards, from money off at the staff canteen to a donation to a charity of your choice.  One client even chose to offer staff extra holiday for recycling plastic bottles!

Clearly show that your organisation is committed to recycling

Our machines have fully customisable graphics on 3 sides of the machine.  This is a perfect opportunity for you to demonstrate your commitment to recycling through clear on-brand messages.  A well-designed machine can stand out in your office and create a talking point around your recycling habits at work.

Give your staff the opportunity to make a difference

Making it easy for your employees to make a positive difference in our world and massively boost staff morale.  CafeCrush gives multiple opportunities to do this; not only by correctly recycling, but also through the opportunity to donate to charity.  Our incentive system can even give them the choice of which charity they want to donate to.

Reduce your waste volume by 90%

CafeCrush’s compacting mechanism can reduce the waste volume of plastic bottles, cans & coffee cups by as much as 90%!  This massively reduces the time and money spent on managing the waste volume, reducing bag changes and bin lifts and saving you money in the process.

Needing inspiration?

Check out our CafeCrush brochure for more technical details and examples of some of our other projects.

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