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When it comes to purchasing a hand sanitiser station there are so many different options it can be overwhelming. Its best to start off with deciding where it is going to be placed – would it be best wall mounted, floor standing with a foot pedal, a mobile station on wheels with a built in waste bin, or with disposable glove dispenser beside it?

Hygiene and safety measures have been thrown into the spotlight since COVID-19 came about, and it is clear every organisation / shop / public venue, workplace etc needs a strategy for this to ensure clean hands at all times. Washing your hands properly removes dirt, viruses and bacteria to stop them spreading to other people and objects, which can spread illnesses such as food poisoning, flu, coronavirus etc. It can help stop people picking up infections and spreading them to others. It can also help stop spreading infections when you’re visiting someone in hospital or another healthcare setting. The NHS recommends using an alcohol based hand rub (hand sanitiser) when hand washing is not immediately available. This is why it completely makes sense, to have a hand sanitiser station somewhere where people regularly pass, to encourage use. Items can be touched which could put bacteria and viruses on your hands, which can then be spread by touching other items – which it why it is so important to use hand sanitiser regularly inbetween times of washing hands in washrooms.

This highlights the importance of ensuring hand sanitiser is accessible and easy for everybody to use, at the entrance to your building and outside bathrooms.

Thankfully we have stylish and durable sanitiser stations covered, whether you are looking for one with a built in bin, or hygienic touch free foot pedal operated one… read on for what we can offer. Now Coronavirus has brought to the attention the danger of germs to the forefront of peoples minds, we believe there is going to be a need for hand sanitiser for a long time in the future to maintain peoples confidence. As a consequence it is important to make the right decision on your purchase, after all it is a long-term investment, not just a quick fix.


Lets talk about the Emperor foot pedal operated hand sanitiser dispenser for a minute… Obviously, the foot pedal operation allows it to be operated ‘hands-free’ which is Super hygienic and prevents the spread of bacteria. It is made of durable powder coated steel, which is easy to clean and maintain. The foot pedal is robust, we have tested it 100,00 pumps with a heavy boot. It is lockable to avoid theft, and can be fixed to the floor if required, or just be free-standing. Free standing sanitiser dispensers are great, as if they haven’t been fixed to the floor you can move them around conveniently until you are sure you have got the best location. What I love about this the most is that it fits a whopping 5 Litre bottle of sanitiser inside it… 2 of them in fact, which conveniently takes away the need of having to constantly refill it in high foot traffic areas. It looks sleek and stylish and is available in black or white, and has the option of ‘STOP, SANITISE HERE’ stickers, or for the more minimalist approach you can have it without the sticker.
Black emperor hand sanitiser gel dispenser hygienic foot pedal operated


Our Mini sanitiser station has proved very popular, most likely due to it being excellent value for money. You are essentially getting a quality mini piece of furniture, which can either sit on a worktop or desk, or be mounted to a wall. Available in grey or white, with STOP, SANITISE HERE signage to give clear awareness. The lockable door is a great feature… after all hand sanitiser has been one the most sought after things in recent weeks… Its like gold – keep it locked away! The cabinet houses a 5 Litre bottle of sanitiser, and has a pelican pump coming out of the top for a simple, easy but user-friendly solution to accessible hand sanitiser. Wall mounting a sanitiser station is an excellent way to not lose your sanitiser, to have it consistently in the same location so people know where to find it, and can also look very modern.
mini hand sanitiser station in building entrance reception for hand hygiene


Next up will have to be the hand and surface sanitiser station… an ingenious idea designed by our inhouse product development team, which has proved ideal for many venues from hospitals to hotels, to supermarkets or reception areas. On a mobile wheeled base for convenience, the hand and surface sanitiser station includes a centrefeed paper towel dispenser and automatic touch-free hand sanitiser dispenser, as well as a built in waste bin. Lets talk a little more about this… In case you haven’t heard of our Longopac continuous liner system, it can drastically reduce cross contamination and improve hygiene, which is why it is so popular in many organisations, even hospitals, food factories, and cafes. Watch our video here for more on this.
The lockable cabinet has space for you to keep your disinfectant sprays, wipes etc inside. Also available in white or grey, and looks like a modern piece of furniture!
hand and surface sanitiser station on wheels with built in waste bin for ppe


A twist on the hand and surface sanitiser station, the PPE disposal station as proved invaluable in the COVID-19 pandemic. We came across a need many organisations were having of correctly disposing of personal protective equipment in a designated place, rather than accidentally contaminating recycling bins or other bins. So we created this smart sanitiser station. On a mobile wheeled base with a lockable door, the PPE disposal station has clear blue signage stating what it is to be used for. You can choose to have an automatic touch-free hand sanitiser dispenser on the backboard, so once someone has discarded their PPE in the bin they can quickly sanitise there hands. Includes the Longopac continuous liner system, click here to learn how this can help increase hygiene and reduce contamination.
PPE Disposal Station Front With hand Sanitiser dispenser fitted



Our ‘clean and protect your hands’ sanitiser and disposable glove station also has a built in waste bin. This is designed to fit the Longopac continuous liner system, which helps increase hygiene and reduce contamination. On a mobile wheeled base, with a lockable door to the cabinet, this allows workers to dispose of PPE safely in a designated bin, sanitise their hands straight away to kill any viruses or bacteria on the hands, and place new gloves on their hands, all at the same location to make life easier and more hygienic.
clean and protect your hands mobile hand sanitiser and disposable glove station with bin


The most exciting of them all has to be the Hanzl range of sanitiser stations. “In an era where hygiene is at the heart of all concerns… Great initiatives are emerging.” Hanzl Hand Sanitiser Stations are sleek, hygienic and ingenious combining luxury and durable solid surfaces with antibacterial properties. Touch-free operation removes the need for hand contact & slows down the spread of germs & viruses. Perfect for airports, hotels, bars & restaurants, shops, offices, public spaces, museums, all events, schools, banks, healthcare facilities, entertainment and more venues. These sanitiser stations are in mind to be more of a lasting, permanent stylish piece of furniture with a practical use, with options of wood finishes to blend in with existing decor. The IMPRESS and the ELEGANCE are our wall mounted versions, and the DECORO and the URBANE are the stunning floor standing units. The large 10 Litre capacity (2 x 5L) makes it ideal for high footfall areas. ‘SANITISE YOUR HANDS’ Signage is applied to the front panel to make it clear what it is and remind people to sanitise their hands as they pass by. The hand sanitiser automatically dispenses a predefined amount of hand sanitizer when users place a hand within reach of the sensor.

hand sanitiser station in subway

Touch free automatic hand sanitiser gel dispenser in light oak finish

Elegance luxury wall mountable hand sanitiser gel dispenser station in light oak and white antibacterial materialHanzl Urbane luxury hand sanitiser station for hand hygiene in public situations


To summarize this post, I can’t overstate the importance of having a sanitiser station that is robust and quality enough to last you for a good amount of time – how long it will be needed none of us know! Unisan have developed and evolved their range to include only the best hand sanitiser stations, that are durable and stylish and have the ability to merge in nicely with existing decor, to become part of the furniture, wherever they are placed. View our other solutions in response to COVID-19 here, including social distancing screening, signage, touch-free paper towel dispensers, hygienic bins and more!

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