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How do continuous liners compare to conventional bin liners in cost?

The assumption is often made that our Maxi 110 metre continuous liner refill is equivalent to a 110 conventional bin liners. However this is rarely the case. The volume capacity of 1 metre of Maxi continuous liner is about 200 litres. And remember, every bag you remove is 100% full. A conventional bin liner is typically 90 litres, and they often are only 50% full at the most, giving a true capacity of 45 litres. So this means that a full Maxi liner will give you 4.5x the amount of waste volume capacity.

Volume comparison

Conventional bin liners, purchased a box of 200 at approximately £20, works out at 10p per bag. Our Maxi 110 meter liner refill at £49.80, is equivalent to 500 bags, which works out again at 10p per bag. So not only do the liners work out at the same price, there are many operational benefits and cost savings that aren’t easily identifiable when simply comparing costs on paper.

Cost comparison

The fact you can fit five conventional bin liners worth of waste to one of our Longopac Maxi bag loads means you use five times less bags. Combine this with every bag being 100% full, and no longer having the need to double bag because of the superb strength of the three ply formulation, you significantly reduce the amount of plastic you use. We’ve proven that with Longopac continuous liners you can reduce plastic usage with bin liners by up to 70%.

5 to 1 (landscape)

Five times the volume capacity means five times less bin changes and time spent emptying bins. This also means five times less walking across site to external bins. Some of our clients have reduced time spent emptying bins on site by up to three hours per day.

The other benefit of the continuous liners, is that every bag is compacted and 100% full when removed from the bin as the air is pushed out. This saves space in external waste collection bins and helps to reduce collection costs. One of our clients managed to reduce their waste collection costs by 35% using the Longopac Liners.

It’s often the costs underneath the surface that do the damage. Massive labour costs, increasing waste collection costs, cost to the environment and poor recycling rates. 


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