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how do cafecrush reverse vending machines help the environment

A reverse vending machine can increase recycling rates at your workplace, which will lead to sending less to landfill, having a hugely positive impact on the environment.

A CafeCrush reverse vending machine makes doing the right thing easy and fun. It is a great way to show your company’s commitment to recycling. The receipt function gives you the chance to reward employees or the general public, a way of incentivising positive recycling behaviour at work.

With fully customisable graphics cover 3 sides of the machine, you can use custom marketing messages suited to your needs. Demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to sustainability. And create a recycling solution that your employees will take notice of.

So how does CafeCrush Reverse Vending help the environment?

First of all, its important to note how landfills are damaging to the environment, and recycling as much as possible reduces what you send to landfill. The recycled products will be reprocessed into something different, giving it a new life, meaning no new natural resources are used. Read our blog here for a more detailed look at how recycling helps the environment.
Getting staff to recycle at work can be a challenge. It’s important to make recycling as easy as possible, which will gently persuade more participation from employees. Incentivising staff to recycle with a reward scheme can help to change the mindset within an organisation, and encourage people to make the right choice every time! CafeCrush machines have been proven by many companies to do just this, getting staff motivated to recycle, with the attraction of a reward and is a unique way to engage staff with recycling.

  • Incentivise staff to recycle more through a built-in ticket printing system.
  • Create an engaging interactive experience with a customisable touchscreen interface.
  • Create a culture of recycling in your workplace, and reward people for doing the right thing.
  • Clearly communicate with the user through the customisable graphics & interface.

Reduce your waste volume by 90%

CafeCrush’s compacting mechanism can reduce the waste volume of plastic bottles, cans & coffee cups by as much as 90%!  This massively reduces the time and money spent on managing the waste volume, reducing bag changes and bin lifts and saving you money in the process.

Marine litter is one of the biggest issues in today’s world, and the more the word is spread, the more there is a demand for staff and stakeholders to reduce plastic waste and recycle more. There is an estimated 480 billion plastic bottles discarded every year. Your customers expect you to take action!

Not only can you make a statement with CafeCrush, you can easily increase your recycling and sustainability goals.

Overflowing bins? Increased collection costs? Contaminated waste? Increased labour costs? Poor recycling rates? …. Sound familiar?

Waste bottles, cans and cups fill bins very quickly – mostly with fresh air! CafeCrush reverse vending machines compact the waste, which can massively reduce your waste volume.

  • Reduce your labour costs and waste collection costs through less bag changes and less waste volume.
  • Save on plastic by reducing the amount of bin liners used.
  • Improve your waste segregation and send less waste to landfill.

Incentive good recycling habits

The CaféCrush reverse vending machines give you the option to reward staff for recycling with a ticket incentive scheme, offering whatever reward you choose.  Our receipts can be programmed to give a range of rewards, from money off at the staff canteen to a donation to a charity of your choice.  One client even chose to offer staff extra holiday for recycling plastic bottles!

This obviously encourages people to do the right thing, recycling their plastic bottles, rather than throwing them in general waste. Just one business reducing the amount they send to landfill, and increasing what they recycle can make a huge positive impact on the environment.

Clearly show that your organisation is committed to recycling

The CafeCrush machines have fully customisable graphics on 3 sides of the machine.  This is a perfect opportunity for you to demonstrate your commitment to recycling through clear on-brand messages.  A well-designed machine can stand out in your office and create a talking point around your recycling habits at work.

Take a look at our inspiration gallery here for ideas on designs…
cafe crush reverse vending machine gallery pictures

Give your staff the opportunity to make a difference

Our reverse vending machines for recycling makes it easy for your employees to make a positive difference in our world and massively boost staff morale.  CafeCrush gives multiple opportunities to do this; not only by correctly recycling, but also through the opportunity to donate to charity.  Our incentive system can even give them the choice of which charity they want to donate to.

Case studies:

Coca-Cola Europe partnered with Merlin Entertainments to offer people 50% off a ticket to one of 30 selected attractions across the UK in return for recycling a used plastic bottle. In just 2 months, 14 machines across 4 attractions recycled 26,373 bottles, and issued 18,623 tickets!

Global consulting firm EY installed CafeCrush in their head office at London’s Canary Wharf, to incentivise recycling of plastic bottles among staff. They chose to donate to the Marine Conservation Society for every bottle recycled, linking their recycling efforts to the wider challenge of protecting our oceans.

Veolia have unveiled a reverse vending scheme at King’s Cross in central London. They have partnered with LEON restaurants to offer 10% off a meal at LEON in return for a plastic bottle or aluminium can recycled in the CafeCrush reverse vending machine at King’s Cross Estate.

NatWest’s 250 Bishopsgate head office used CafeCrush as a key component of their 2019 Zero Waste Challenge to boost the recycling of plastic bottles and cans among the staff


Recycling laws in Wales have changed. Is your business compliant?