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A 3-compartment recycling bin is a game-changer in simplifying recycling in the workplace.

A 3 compartment recycling bin provide a practical solution to the challenge of separating different types of waste, making the recycling process simpler, easier and more engaging.



The idea behind the 3 compartment recycling bin is to streamline waste management and keep all the waste streams in one location or central ‘hub’. Instead of having multiple, separate bin containers for different materials like paper, plastics, and general waste, a 3-compartment bin consolidates all waste streams into one convenient, easily accessible unit. This is critical to driving the right behaviour and encouraging correct waste stream separation, reducing contamination and increasing the quality of recyclable materials.  

It also saves space as this is often at a premium in busy offices when work stations are a priority and allows you to have recycling bin stations in more locations around the office and breakout spaces


Understanding the Three Waste Streams


When it comes to 3 compartment recycling bins, there are typically two configurations for waste streams:

  • Food Waste
  • Dry Mixed Recycling
  • Non-Recyclables


  • Paper & Card
  • Plastics & Tins
  • Non-Recyclables


While both configurations offer advantages, the second option is often more intuitive and user-friendly, and that’s why it’s the one we usually recommend. Having more specific waste streams at the point of disposal is critical to making recycling easy and engaging. People often get confused as to what waste items go into ‘Mixed Recycling’ and it can often lead to contamination.  


  1. Paper & Card: This compartment is solely for paper-based materials such as newspapers, magazines, cardboard, and office paper. Separating paper and card from other waste materials, ensures these materials can be efficiently recycled without contamination, increasing recycling rates.
  2. Plastics & Tins: This waste stream is suitable for recyclable plastic containers, bottles, and packaging, as well as metal cans and tins. By keeping plastics and metals separate from other waste, it streamlines the recycling process and maximises the potential for these materials to be reused.
  3. Non-Recyclables: This compartment is reserved for items that cannot be recycled or composted, such as certain types of packaging and non-recyclable plastics. While the goal is to reduce the amount of waste ending up in this compartment, having a designated space for anything non-recyclable ensures proper disposal and reduces contamination in other recycling streams.


The Top Choices of 3 Compartment Recycling Bins to Choose From


When looking for a 3 compartment recycling bin for your office, or staff kitchen or breakout space or communal areas, it is important to choose a reliable and innovative supplier. At Unisan we are committed to providing durable, reliable, innovative, and sustainable recycling solutions with design visuals to meet the diverse needs of each customer.

Here are our top 4 choices:


Unisort Climate Recycling Station


The Unisort Climate Recycling Stations are the most innovative recycling station in the market, made from 100% recycled post-consumer plastic that is also 100% recyclable.

With colour coded waste stream apertures, along with clear signage & icons, they aim to remove the risk of contaminated waste, by making it super clear and intuitive to the user where the correct place to dispose of their waste is.

They are easily configurable to the needs of the workspace, with a handy connector to facilitate recycling stations instead of individual bins – this ensures all waste streams are available in one place at all times, making recycling easier and the right choice the path of least resistance.

Find them here.


Unisort Aspire Recycling Station


Unisort Aspire Recycling Stations have over 800 different configurations using our standard options, and we offer a lot of tailored options customised to meet your requirements.

You can choose from plastic worktops made from 100% recycled materials, bamboo worktops naturally antibacterial and easy to clean, or full vinyl wrap on your brand/campaign colours for tailored customisation.

These recycling stations come fully equipped with our Longopac Liner System, which is proven to reduce plastic usage by 70% – 80% compared to standard bin liners.

Discover all specifications here.


Pace Indoor Recycling Bins


Pace Indoor Recycling Bins are elegant and made of aluminium. They are perfect for creating a recycling station using 3-5 units. They come in white or aluminium grey, with rubber feet for stability, and they are certified self-extinguishing for safety.

These bins feature an ergonomic, easy-emptying system, and are easily anchored to the ground or wall-mounted.

You can also customise them with bespoke labels to ensure compliance with Welsh and English Recycling Regulations.


Evolve Indoor Recycling Bin


The Evolve Indoor Recycling Bin is a robust multi-compartment recycling station, power-coated with steel design for ultimate durability. Available for 2, 3, or 4 types of waste.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor recycling with easy to empty collection system – it includes a smart inner-ring holder to hold sacks securely. Option of metal inner liner or elastic band bag holder available on request.

Introducing 3-compartment recycling bins can result in significant positive impact in the fight against waste and pollution and contribute to saving our planet from irreversible damage.

These bins simplify the recycling process and promote proper waste segregation, enabling individuals and organisations to make a tangible difference in the environment.


So, why wait? Begin your recycling efforts on the right foot by choosing a 3-compartment recycling bin from Unisan today. Together, we can build a more sustainable world by making recycling a habit!

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Recycling laws in Wales have changed. Is your business compliant?