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Hanzl Hanofresh Light Duty Hand & Body Wash, 1 Litre Bottle Refill, Pack of 4

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Pack of 4 x 1000ml Hanofresh refills – Fits the Hanzl Duroline 1 Litre dispensers
450 doses per refill bottle!
A Light duty all purpose hand wash for light soiling
Great for washrooms and showers in offices, hospitality and manufacturing facilities
Gentle but very efficient cleansing with conditioners
Can be used as a shower gel and shampoo
Light fresh perfume
This soap is suitable for normal and sensitive skin
Sealed refill system, much more hygienic than bulk fill dispensers, no germs able to enter the cream/soap/gel.
Time for a washroom dispenser upgrade? Hanzl Duroline could be the perfect choice for your organisation
Our Hanzl skin care products can help: Keep your workforce safe, healthy and productive, Reduce skin problems such as industrial dermatitis, Minimise risk of compensation claims & recruiting costs, Increase productivity and reduce sick leave, Ensure dispensers are placed correctly around the workplace to encourage the use of skin creams.

Technical Specification

Code: DL1530


Code: DL1530 Category: