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Hanzl Touch Free Hand Towel Dispenser

  • Reliable battery free mechanical operation with auto cutting, which prevents any contact with the dispenser whilst getting a hand towel
  • Cutting System: Auto-Cut for low pull force, very user friendly
  • Touch Free Hand Towel Dispenser - User only touches the sheet used, helps reduce cross contamination.
  • Durable ABS plastic - reduces risk of breakages
  • Product is dispensed flat so the full surface area of the towel is used
  • Stub Roll: Self-threading auto transfer system to reduce run-outs and waste (saves paper and money)
  • Dimensions: 380mm High, 310mm Wide, 230mm Deep
  • Hand towel rolls offer superior wet strength for effective hand drying
  • Can be used with our Natural eco hand towels, blue hand towel rolls, and white hand towel rolls
  • Hand towel not included, order here
  • Hygiene at work matters: hand dryers or hand towels?
  • Learn why hand towels are more hygienic than hand dryers here
  • Read here to find out why we think you should turn off hand dryers immediately
  • We have proven the Hanzl hand towel system to make a:
  • 49% reduction in costs
  • 48% reduction in labour, reloading dispensers
  • 48% reduction in storage space
  • 59% reduction in amount of paper used (i.e. waste)!
  • (Dispenser style may vary slightly)



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