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Longopac Mini Washroom Wall Mounted Bin, Includes 60m of Continuous Liner

  • Longopac Wall Mounted Washroom Bin, comes with 1 x continuous liner included (60 metres!)
  • Ideal for effective waste disposal in washrooms and wash stations
  • Can also be mounted to work desks making ideal for packing areas
  • Powder-coated steel liner refill holder
  • Dimensions: 374 x 264 x 159mm
  • Super hygienic, no contact with the waste when changing the liner
  • Reduce labour costs by 38%, read the case study here
  • Reduce plastic usage by 70%, read the case study here
  • Reduce collection costs by 35%, read the case study here
  • Increase recycling rates by 58%, read the case study here
  • Read more on the Longopac continuous liner system here
  • Longopac continuous liner bins vs standard waste bin bags - whats the difference?
  • Price includes pack of cable ties, scissors (or safety cutter), and 1 continuous liner

From: £47.50

From: £47.50

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