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Longopac Maxi Dynamic Bin, optional foot pedal operated lid

From: £159.00

  • Longopac Maxi Dynamic 175L
  • Floor-standing bin that can be easily wheeled around
  • Available with no lid/open top or a foot pedal operated lid
  • Super hygienic system, no contact with the waste when changing the liner
  • Made from zinc coated steel, with option of pedal operated lid, great for food production areas
  • Comes with 1 x Longopac continuous liner, maxi, 110 metres long. Order more here 
  • Reduce labour costs by 38%, read the case study here
  • Reduce plastic usage by 70%, read the case study here
  • Reduce collection costs by 35%, read the case study here
  • Increase recycling rates by 58%, read the case study here
  • Read more on the Longopac continuous liner system here
  • Price includes pack of cable ties, scissors (or safety cutter), and 1 continuous liner.
  • Download instructions here on loading and changing a Longopac bag
Technical Specification
Code: LS8125-1
  • Capacity: 175L
  • Dimensions: 520 x 986mm
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