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Longopac Continuous Liner Refills

  • Continuous liner refills for Longopac Classic & Dynamic bins, Wall-mounted bins, Flex units or Longopac MultiBin
  • Minimum order quantity: 4.  Please note that you can order any variation of Mini, Midi & Maxi liners, in any of the available colours.
  • Hygienic bin liner system, no contact with the waste when changing the liner!
  • Length of continuous liner? Mini liners: 60 metres. Midi liners: 85 metres. Maxi liners: 110 metres
  • Read more on the Longopac continuous liner system here
  • Longopac continuous liners vs standard waste bin bags - whats the difference?
  • Click here for instructions on how to empty and reline the Longopac bins
  • Click here for instructions on how to empty and reline a Longopac liner inside a Multibin
  • Extremely sustainable. The way the liner material is constructed means they use 55% less plastic than standard bin liners, but are 4x stronger.
  • Endlessly clever, continuously green.
  • The Longopac continuous liner system can:
  • Reduce labour costs by 38%
  • Reduce plastic usage by 70%
  • Reduce collection costs by 35%
  • Increase recycling rates by 58%
  • Download instructions here on loading and changing a Longopac bag

From: £17.90

From: £17.90

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