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Unisort Compact 1W Recycling Bin

From: £74.00

  • 1 Waste Stream with 1 x Mini Liner Holders
  • With or without signage backboard – custom designs available
  • Use as an internal cupboard bin or free standing within back of house / manufacturing / processing areas
  • Can be joined together or with 2 and 3 Waste Stream Compact Bins to create larger recycling station
  • Freestanding metal frame designed to work with our Longopac continuous liner system
  • Liner not included. Please order Mini Liner separately
  • Reduce labour costs by 38%, read the case study here
  • Reduce plastic usage by 70%, read the case study here
  • Reduce collection costs by 35%, read the case study here
  • Increase recycling rates by 58%, read the case study here
  • Read more on the Longopac continuous liner system here
  • Longopac continuous liner bins vs standard waste bin bags – whats the difference?
  • Unit comes with safety cutter which is attached to the left hand side – please request if needed on the right hand side
  • Download full Longopac Compact Tech Sheet here
  • Download instructions here on loading and changing a Longopac liner
Technical Specification
  • Dimensions:
    • Unisort Mini Compact Bin: 322mm (w) x 376mm (d) x 790mm (h)
    • Unisort Midi Compact Bin: 405mm (w) x 480mm (d) x 790mm (h)
  • Materials: Powder coated Mild Steel
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