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Recycling is of the utmost importance when it comes to taking a sustainable approach to running a modern business.

As well as being ahead of some of the audacious government recycling targets for the next 15 years, it can also help businesses save money, attract and retain the best staff, boost their eco-friendly credentials and make a positive difference to both their working conditions and the environment as a whole.

In 2023, there’s really no excuse not to have a recycling scheme within your workplace!


Let’s get into a little bit more detail on why recycling in the workplace such an important priority for many successful businesses…


Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is a firmly embedded theme in today’s world.  When it comes to recycling, that means taking responsibility of your business waste and disposing of it ethically.

The UK generates around 200 million tonnes of waste a year making us a highly wasteful society. With government targets in place for the next five years, we have a long way to go to even crack the surface! That’s why it takes every business that extra bit of dedication to help make a difference.

There’s no doubt that your business gets through a large amount of paper on a daily basis. For a moment, stop to think about the vast difference that paper recycling could make instead of simply throwing it into waste! In doing so, you’re demonstrating how your actions largely impact upon your corporate social responsibility.

Power of perception

By demonstrating a highly efficient recycling scheme, you’re exercising great PR and giving your business the best platform to engage with a market that is becoming more impacted by eco-conscious decisions. Conversely, by not having one, you’re doing yourself a vast disservice! In the modern marketing age, businesses are keen to share their sustainability successes as a means of profiling their reputation, often ahead of their corporate successes!

Letting your customers know that you’re in possession of a positive sustainability model and strong recycling scheme is a unique selling point and a great way to build existing and future relationships.

Cost reductions

Cutting costs isn’t often associated with the implementation of a recycling scheme, but it is a highly beneficial and often overlooked incentive.

Waste collection costs are a significant expenditure for any business budget. If you have a centralised recycling station, you can immediately reduce the amount of general waste that you’re currently paying for in collections. And don’t forget, costs move beyond the financial aspect, they also refer to the environmental costs of sending more waste to landfill.

A well planned and maintained recycling program can save you hundreds per year in collection costs, funds that can be utilised for other important sustainability initiatives.

5w Unisort Aspire Recycling Station


Employee relationships

A Corporate Climate Crisis Report survey found that three quarters of workers want to work for sustainable companies. This demonstrates the need for businesses to implement behavioural changes in order to keep employees actively engaged.

With more and more individuals seeking ways of supporting environmental initiatives, it comes as no surprise that employees expect the same from their workplace. The nature of business means that employees can generally leave their workplace and seek new work elsewhere. However, this can be crippling for any business, particularly with being understaffed and the subsequent lengthy recruitment drives.

For a business to retain staff and attract new workers, it is important that they demonstrate a high level of environmental responsibility.

Promote greater wellbeing

There’s a great deal more to a recycling scheme that simply ‘people-pleasing’. By implementing an efficient framework into your workplace, you’re encouraging participation and making a positive impact.

Creating a positive culture does wonders for the wellbeing of employees. Employees like to feel that the company they’re working for is doing the right thing. By communicating your recycling scheme, targets and results, it supports and motivates them to dispose of their waste effectively. If they’re motivated, your recycling rates will rise and, with that, comes a great sense of self-satisfaction and personal wellbeing.

Recycling encourages people to come together and to keep each other fully accountable. (This can actually enforce a domino effect which further encourages them to continue good habits outside the workplace!)


Does your workplace have a recycling scheme?

Whether you’re looking to incorporate a new recycling scheme, or currently have one in place that needs a makeover, there are numerous great benefits to be gained by increasing your recycling rates.

Who are Unisan?

Unisan’s key mission is to empower and support workspace recycling, in any environment. We are continually assisting organisations in achieving their sustainability goals and helping businesses demonstrate their commitment to both the environment and their workforce.

We’ve love to hear more about your current recycling scheme and discuss how we can help improve it. Please get in touch with us and we’ll be more than happy to chat.

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