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Adding recycling stations into your office, or workplace CAN help you to attract, and retain, the best staff. According to research by Total Jobs, 26% of UK employees say that they’d opt for a significant pay cut to work for an eco-friendly company. What’s even more significant is that one half say they’d disregard joining a company that didn’t deliver on good environmental practices!

These figures are quite an eye-opener for companies that are keen to retain their staff and attract new talent. If you’re not implementing a ‘green’ scheme in your workplace, it seems that you might be sabotaging your long-term business growth.

It’s not just about protecting the environment, it’s also a matter of boosting your company image, cutting costs and improving morale amongst your workforce. With companies like Marks and Spencer’s, BT and The London Stock Exchange setting high sustainability precedents, and further being ranked amongst the worlds 100 most sustainable companies, implementing an eco-friendly recycling scheme within your place of work is now a necessity to attracting, and keeping, great staff members.


Adding recycling stations into your office or workplace needn’t be difficult and costly. With the correct products, guidance and expert support your office or workplace could become ‘the place to be’ within your marketplace, helping you to attract new staff and engage your current team members with your business.

Let’s take a look at why that might be:

Commercially beneficial

There are a several reasons why recycling stations, and subsequently retaining staff, can commercially benefit your business:

  1. Recruitment is a time-consuming and costly process for any business and recent research has firmly established that jobseekers and employees actively favour environmentally aware companies, so by not adhering to a recycling program, you’re potentially looking at a relatively high turnover of staff. You’re also likely to be at the bottom of the list when it comes to new candidate applications!Working towards net-zero emissions can often be perceived as a financial luxury. However, the reality is quite different. Aside from the initial setup of putting processes into place, you reduce your costs in the long-term!
  2. You’d probably be surprised to learn of the valuable space in your waste bin that’s taken up by recyclable items that will ultimately end up, unnecessarily, in landfill (not to mention how unsightly overflowing bins look to current and prospective new employees). Businesses can save thousands of pounds a year by engaging and educating their employees on the positive impact of recycling, therefore lowering their overall quantity of costly non-recyclable waste heading to landfill while providing a platform to connect with their team on a subject that can help staff to feel connected to the business values and goals.
  3. Then there’s the smaller consumable costs. Items like recycling sacks and bin liners are less costly than general waste bags. It might not seem a lot, but we all know that small prices can quickly mount up into eye-watering costs. Why not consider cutting costs straight away with a Longopac Continuous Liner Bin? Less time is spent changing bin liners and you’re also saving on plastic usage and carbon footprint. They’re both sustainable and hygienic, and there’s no human contact with the waste when changing the liner! Labour costs are reduced by 38%! Collection costs are reduced by 35%!Helping your staff mange their waste without the risk of contact with unpleasant materials and substances is a great way to ensure your employees see the benefits of recycling without the perception of having to ‘get their hands dirty’.See your company’s potential plastic savings here – simply enter the amount of bags you’re using and see potential savings by using Longopac continuous liners!


Attractive company image

A study by Deloitte found that millennials (who will account for 75% of the workforce by 2025) will accept a lower salary than work for a company that has no environmental practices in place. (The same can be said of investors who are continually looking to invest in companies that can demonstrate environmental responsibility.)

Job seekers are attracted to companies that demonstrate sustainable practices. Incorporating modern, effective and space saving recycling stations such as the Unisort Aspire Office Recycling Bin Station makes it as easy as possible for your staff to recycle, and demonstrates to both existing employees and jobseekers that you take environmental matters seriously.

Fully customisable, from compact single bins to more comprehensive recycling solutions with multiple waste streams, your Aspire Recycling Station can be individually designed and created for any environment with custom colours, graphics and finishes to match any corporate colour palette.

You can even put your brand’s commitment to sustainability on show to the world with an Aspire Recycling Station worktop made from 100% recycled materials, or from an eco-conscious super-material such as Bamboo.

You can learn more about the Aspire Recycling Station options, and create your perfect recycling station here.

Unisort Aspire recycling station full range


Increase morale

Implementing a recycling scheme will have an immediately positive impact on your employees. The figures have shown us that it’s a vital part of any organisation. There’s a feel-good payoff associated with doing something positive, and by taking action, you and your team will feel a terrific sense of self-satisfaction.

And there are additional benefits!

With many hours spent in the workplace, waste can mount up pretty quickly. It doesn’t bode well for a stress-free environment and overall wellbeing. Before long, productivity is at an all-time-low. Different people can have opposing views and expectations of cleanliness which can have a negative impact on mood.

Recycling schemes are a quick-fix solution to this problem. With a quick and engaging program in place and highly visible, high-quality recycling stations, workers are actively encouraged to discard aluminium, glass, paper, and plastic drink containers appropriately. A clean working area will do wonders in boosting morale!

Show your company’s commitment to recycling with CafeCrush Reverse Vending Machines. Not only do they incentivise recycling behaviour, they carry great environmental benefits and are highly convenient for the disposal of plastic water bottles. A great way to reduce the waste volume that quickly mounts up!

Be seen to be taking action

You’re probably starting to see that there’s everything to lose and nothing to gain by not adopting a highly visible and effective recycling process in your workplace! Encouraging and leading the way with a culture of recycling and implementing high quality, effective recycling stations can be a huge benefit to your company, attracting new staff and retaining employees- all of which can give your business a commercial edge in the market.

To ensure everyone inside, and outside, of your business is aware of your eco-conscious commitment, recycling bins and stations are best positioned throughout key, high traffic your office or place of work, making them easily accessible and a key part of your company culture.

Here at Unisan we provide recycling bin options for any environment. from washrooms, canteens and breakout rooms, kitchens, warehouses and production facilities, to excusive outdoor recycling solutions.

In summary

Whether it’s the implementation of bespoke waste bins and recycling stations, indoor office recycling bins, or waste and litter collection schemes, there are lots of options available to ensure your commitment to recycling is front and centre of your business culture. In turn, prospective employees will become aware of your reputation as a business that cares about their employees and committed to the environment, making your office or workplace a more attractive place to work.

Unisort Aspire Recycling Station with clear waste segregation to help retain staff


Who are Unisan?

Unisan’s key mission is to empower and support workspace recycling, in any environment. We are continually assisting organisations in achieving their sustainability goals and helping businesses demonstrate their commitment to both the environment and their workforce.

Have we convinced you to introduce recycling solutions to increase recycling rates, engage staff and meet the sustainability goals of your business in your workspace? Hope so! Please reach out to a member of the Unisan team to learn more and we’ll be happy to help.

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