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Prevention is better than cure!

Material & employee movement naturally carries in dirt & wet. Everyday activity such as unloading from a delivery truck, entry of material handling devices or even your workforce entering the facility will generate a build-up of dirt, debris, wet and dust from tires, wheels & footwear. The next set of movement of vehicles or employee takes the dirt further and deeper into your storage and production areas causing unnecessary issues!

By strategically placing ProfilGate® throughout your building, you can now capture dirt, wet & debris from wheels, castors, tires & soles – before it migrates and enters your production facility.

Employee Footwear

The deep tread of work footwear means a greater amount of dirt & debris is carried into a facility.

Anti-slip traction capabilities of the tread are rendered useless if full of dirt & debris.

ProfilGate automatically removes dirt & debris without changing human behaviour & is 100% unavoidable.

One client removes 23KG of dirt & debris per week!

Material Handling Devices

The constant movement of materials carries in significant amounts of dirt, debris & wet.

Airborne dust is generated by constantly grinding the dirt with every wheeled movement.

Automatically cleaning the wheels at the point of entry eliminates unnecessary dirt, debris & wet entering a facility thus avoiding airborne dust.

Contamination Control

Product contamination means different things to different industries.

The one thing they all have in common is the need to avoid physical contamination such as dirt, debris & dust.

ProfilGate Aqua will also eliminate the invisible by applying sanitising fluid directly to the wheel or footwear to eliminate microbiological contamination.

“We no longer taste dust”

BMW Mini

Clean Factory

The perfect application areas of ProfilGate® in clean factories.

The idea of Clean Factory Interactive is to present common ProfilGate® applications for keeping facilities clean. By strategically placing the various ProfilGate® models, the risk of contamination is reduced to a minimum level.


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Manufacturers from all around the world are using Profilgate to great effect. It is a trusted product among a vast array of industries including food, automotive, pharmaceutical, electronics & engineering.

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