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Dirt to dust

80% of all dirt in your facility enters from outside on wheels or footwear.

Constant movement soon grinds this dirt into airborne dust, which settles in all parts of your facility.

Through thousands of movements a day, this dirt is continually carried into the plant of forklift trucks, tugger trains & trolleys.

Material movement

Automatically control dirt & wet ingress at from outside at the point of entry to your facility.

Eliminate the risk of forklift truck slips or near-misses, improving staff safety.

Capture granular dirt before it is ground into airborne dust and carried through your facility.

Clean room

Automatically capture all dirt within air showers, while at the same time cleaning the soles of footwear and wheels.

Eliminate dirt & debris ingress into clean environments without impeding staff productivity.


Relentless efficiency doesn’t stop their wheels picking up dust!

Guidance can be lost when floor guidance lines become compromised with dirty wheel lines.

Automatically cleaning the wheels of an AGV eliminates dirt being ground into airborne dust.

Needing inspiration?

Download the brochure to see examples of how other pharmaceutical facilities have utilised ProfilGate.

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